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Luca Molà

Molà 2016

Professor of Early Modern Europe: History of the Renaissance and the Mediterranean in a World Perspective

In Summer 2018 Prof. Molà is leaving the European University Institute (EUI) and will resume his position at the History Department of University of Warwick. He is not taking any more supervisees at the EUI.

Fields of research

  • Italian Renaissance
  • Economic and Social History of Europe in the Early Modern Period, particularly Trading Communities and Commerce, Artisans and Industrial Production
  • Culture of Technological Change and the First Age of Globalisation

Current seminars at the EUI

Current research projects

  • Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Patents: The Market for Innovations in Renaissance Italy
  • Italy in the First Age of Globalisation: Economy, Technology and Culture, 1400-1650
  • The Prince and the Merchant in the Renaissance


Selected recent publications

  • ‘The Global Renaissance: Cross-Cultural Objects in the Early Modern Period’, co-author Marta Ajmar-Wollheim, in Global Design History, eds. Glenn Adamson, Giorgio Riello and Sarah Teasley, London 2011
  • 'La Repubblica di Venezia tra acque dolci e acque salse: investimenti tecnologici a Lizzafusina nel Rinascimento', in La civiltà delle acque tra Medioevo e Rinascimento, eds. Arturo Calzona and Daniela Lamberini, vol. II, Leo S. Olschki Editore, Florence 2010, pp. 447-472


  • Italian
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French



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