Researchers admitted in academic year 2015-2016


Mobile Perils: Biosecurity and Public Health on Ships and in Port Cities in the Age of Steam, c. 1850–1914

Supervisor: Prof. L. Riall - Second Reader: Prof. S. Van Damme



The Soviet Jew in the Ukrainian Village: The Practices of Acculturation and Adaptation on the Example of the Soviet Yiddish Schools in the Ukrainian Province

Supervisor: Prof. A. Etkind - Second Reader: Prof. L. Downs

BATSMAN, Maryna Digital photo

Jan Antoni BUREK (PL)

Le Creusot, France, Zyrardów, Russian Poland. Power and Resistance in Two European Company Towns (1870-1914)

Supervisor: Prof. P. Kolář - Second Reader: Prof. L. Downs

BUREK, Jan Antoni Digital photo

Maarten DRAPER (NL)

Dutch-Italian trade in the seventeenth century 

Supervisor: Prof. R. Grafe - Second Reader: Prof. L. Molà



Mutual efforts, collective benefits? Mutual sickness insurances in Belgium, Denmark, England, and the Netherlands in the nineteenth and twentieth century

Supervisor: Prof. R. Grafe - Second Reader: Prof. L. Downs

FINK-JENSEN, Jonathan Digital photo


The mercers: a social and economic history of the "middling sort" merchants in a European capital of luxury (Venice, 15th-17th Centuries)

Supervisor: Prof. L. Molà - Second Reader: Prof. G. Riello

FIORUCCI, Emilie Digital photo

Catherine GIBSON (GB)

Ethno-linguistic Cartography in the Baltic and Northwest Provinces of the Russian Empire and the Successor States of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus, 1845-1924

Supervisor: Prof. P. Judson - Second Reader: Prof. P. Kolář

GIBSON, Catherine Digital photo

Juha Oskari HAAVISTO (FI)

Between England and the Netherlands - William Temple and the Development of Economic Thought, 1660-1688

Supervisor: Prof. A. Thomson - Second Reader: Prof. R. Grafe

HAAVISTO, Juha Oskari Digital photo

Mari Torsdotter HAUGE (NO)

Scandinavian left-wing intellectuals in the post-war era: ideas, influences, and continental communications 1945-1962

Supervisor: Prof.  A. Thomson - Second Reader: Prof. F. Romero

HAUGE, Mari Torsdotter Digital photo


Citées de guerre; Citées de pouvoir: La fortification urbaine á la Méditerranée occidentale. 1400-1800

Supervisor: Prof. R. Grafe - Second Reader: Prof. G. Casale

HERADES RUIZ, Pedro José Digital photo

Jennie Sejr JUNGHANS (DK)

Between heredity and environment - the evolution, consolidation and practices of child psychiatry in Northern Europe, 1900-2000

Supervisor: Prof. L. Downs - Second Reader: Prof. A. Etkind

JUNGHANS, Jennie Sejr Digital photo


Self-identification, nation-building and memory politics at the crossroads between multiethnic empire and nation state; the paradigm of Crete

Supervisor: Prof. L. Riall - Second Reader: Prof. P. Judson

KALOKAIRINOS, Andreas Digital photo


Indigenous Girlhoods and Education in the Netherlands Indies, ca. 1880-1940

Supervisor: Prof. C. Unger - Second Reader: Prof. L. Downs

KAMPHUIS, Kirsten Maria Johanna Digital photo

Anna Maria Catarina KNUTSSON (SE)

A Smuggler's Paradise? The role of illegal goods in the Swedish consumer market 1769-1806

Supervisor: Prof. L. Molà - Second Reader: Prof. S. Van Damme

KNUTSSON, Anna Maria Catarina Digital photo


Polish colonial discourse towards Jews and Ukrainians from the second half of XIX century to the beginning of XX century in the European context

Supervisor: Prof. P. Kolář - Second Reader: Prof. A. Etkind

KWIECINSKA, Elzbieta Digital photo

Mari Olafson LUNDEMO (NO)

The political economy of Einsatz Finnland: Organisation Todt in Finland 1941-1944

Supervisor: Prof. Y. Cassis - Second Reader: Prof. F. Romero

LUNDEMO, Mari Olafson Digital photo


From Lisbon to Maputo: The “Geração da utopia” and the transnational shaping of an imaginary of resistance in the National Liberation Movement of Mozambique (1945-1975)

Supervisor: Prof. F. Romero - Second Reader: Prof. L. Riall

MARTIN, Alba Digital photo


Channels of anti-colonial change: The extra-national activism of East and Central African political agitators during the period of decolonization

Supervisor: Prof. C. Unger - Second Reader: Prof. L. Riall

MILFORD, Ismay Digital photo


Traces. Remembering The Untold Tragedy of the Italians in Crimea 

Supervisor: Prof. A. Etkind - Second Reader: Prof. P. Kolář

ROJAS GOMEZ, Heloisa Digital photo


Zionism as transnational nationalism in the context of European revolution and state formation 

Supervisor: Prof. P. Judson - Second Reader: Prof. L. Riall

RYBAK, Jan Digital photo


Genoese financial networks operating in the sixteenth century Spanish Monarchy: formation, interaction and development

Supervisor: Prof. R. Grafe - Second Reader: Prof. L. Molà

SANCHEZ CAMACHO, Alberto Digital photo


Europe and the Seven-Powers summits: Decision-Making in International Economic Relations, 1975-1982

Supervisor: Prof. F. Romero - Second Reader: Prof. G. Sluga

SHEHU, Andi Digital photo


Distant Land of the Byzantine Holy Golden Cross in the early modern Istanbul: From the Istavros waqf-village and royal garden to the Urban Turkish Neighbourhood of Beylerbeyi on the Bosphorus 

Supervisor: Prof. S. Van Damme - Second Reader: Prof. G. Casale

SONGÜLEN, Nazlı Digital photo

Samuel Alexey SOROKIN (DE)

Russian national identity discourse in a Global Context: Transcending traditional Europe-Asia-dichotomy towards an epistemic challenge of Modernity

Supervisor: Prof. A. Etkind - Second Reader: Prof. A. Thomson

SOROKIN, Samuel Alexey Digital photo

Mikko Samuli TOIVANEN (FI)

Colonial tours: the influence of early European tourist culture on colonial travel writing in the Indian Ocean area, 1840-1860

Supervisor: Prof. J. Flores - Second Reader: Prof. L. Riall

TOIVANEN, Mikko Samuli Digital photo

Paul-Arthur TORTOSA (FR)

Surveiller et guérir : la médecine d’État en Italie de la conquête à la départementalisation (1796-1805) 

Supervisor: Prof. S. Van Damme - Second Reader: Prof. L. Riall

TORTOSA, Paul-Arthur Digital photo

Giorgio-Giòrs TOSCO (IT)

Tuscan and Genoese 17th century attempts to penetrate world trade

Supervisor: Prof. L. Molà - Second Reader: Prof. R. Grafe

TOSCO, Giorgio-Giòrs Digital photo

Martin VAILLY (FR)

Texts, Images and Geographical Layout on the Surface of Early-Modern Terrestrial Globes - Construction of Geographical Knowledges in Europe, XVIe - XVIIe century

Supervisor: Prof. J. Flores - Second Reader: Prof. S. Van Damme

VAILLY, Martin Digital photo


The Rise of a Socialist Business Class: The Role of Economic Managerial Elites in Socialist Yugoslavia, 1965-1991

Supervisor: Prof. Y. Cassis - Second Reader: Prof. P. Kolář

VEJZAGIC, Sasa Digital photo

Georgios VLACHOS (GR)

Where the Nation Dwells: Nationalizing the Frontiers in Greece, 1881-1923

Supervisor: Prof. P. Judson - Second Reader: Prof. L. Riall

VLACHOS, Georgios Digital photo


Spanish Anarchism and the Russian Revolution, 1917-1927

Supervisor: Prof. A. Etkind - Second Reader: Prof. F. Romero

ZOFFMANN RODRIGUEZ, Arturo Digital photo

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