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Visiting/Exchange Students, academic year 2019-2020


Clemens ABLEIDINGER, University of Vienna

Psychiatry as Policy and Discourse: Establishment and Development of Mental Health as a Policy Area during the Reign of Francis Joseph I

February 2020 - Mentor: P.M. Judson



Female agency and mobility: Russian Women as the Subject of the Revolution and the Object of "Women Question" (Russia-Switzerland-Belgium-Italy)

October 2019 - March 2020 - Mentor: R. Grafe


Guido CIONI, Scuola Normale Superiore

Tobacco Trade in Early Modern Genoa, Livorno and Venice. Global Exchanges, Taxation, and Commercial Competition in the Mediterranean (1640s-1790s)

January-March 2020 - Mentor: G. Riello


James FORTUNA, University of StAndrews

Architectural Diplomacy, Cultural Heritage, and Popular Reception of Fascist Contributions to the International Expositions of 1933-42

January-May 2020 - Mentor: L. Riall


James GRANNELL, University College Dublin

‘The Right to Speak for Ourselves.’ HIV/AIDS activism in the Republic of Ireland 1982-92

February-April 2020 - Mentor: L. Downs


Lei JIN, Pablo de Olavide University

A Study on Consumption of European Red Wine and Wine Glasses in China (1680-1840)

January-March 2020 - Mentor: G. Riello


Maryam PATTON, Harvard University

By the Declining Day: Time and Temporal Cultures of the Early Modern Mediterranean

January-March 2020 - Mentor: G. Casale


Thomas PRITCHARD, University of Edinburgh

'Set the Whole World Into Combustion': The Cultural and Political Reactions of the Caroline British Isles to theThirty Years War

January-April 2020 - Mentor: A. Thomson


Silvia VACIRCA, Università di Roma La Sapienza

The Influence of WWII on Discourses of Italian Fashion: "Bellezza", "Grazia", "Vita Femminile".

April-June 2020 - Mentor: G. Riello


Jack WATKINS, Birkbeck College, University of London

The Birth and Consolidation of Rural Communal Institutions on the Adriatic Coast of Italy during the Central Middle Ages

January-June 2020 - Mentor: G. Casale

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