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Second Term Seminars 2016-2017


From 4 to 17 December



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Departmental Seminars

Global History (Registration code: HEC-DS-GLOHIS-16)
Prof Regina Grafe and Prof Lucy Riall
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Fabrizio Borchi


Research Seminars

Cooperation and integration in postwar Europe (Registration code: HEC-RS-EUCOOP-16)
Prof Romero, Dr Angela Romano and Dr Pál Germuska (Senior Research Fellows)
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Serena Belligoli

Decolonization and Development (Registration code: HEC-RS-DECDEV-16)
Prof Corinna Unger
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Miriam Curci

1968 across the Iron Curtain (Registration code: HEC-RS-1968-16)
Prof Alexander Etkind and Prof Luisa Passerini
Block Seminar - Admin. Assistant: Laura Borgese

Consolidation of Power: Patterns of Integration after Crises and Upheavals 
(Registration code: HEC-RS-CONSO-16)
Prof Pavel Kolář
Block seminar - Admin. Assistant: Francesca Parenti

Sciences, Nature and the City (Registration code: HEC-RS-SCIEN-16)
Prof Stéphane Van Damme and Dr Katalin Straner (Max Weber Fellow)
Block seminar - Admin. Assistant: Miriam Curci

Financial Capitalism (Registration code: HEC-RS-FINCAP-16)
Prof Youssef Cassis
Block seminar - Admin. Assistant: Fabrizio Borchi

European Trajectories in the Quest for Welfare and Democracy: Voluntary Associations, Families and the State, 1880s to the Present (Registration code: HEC-RS-EUTRAJ-16)
Prof Laura Downs
Block seminar - Admin. Assistant: Francesca Parenti

Visual Culture across Early Modern Cultures (Registration code: HEC-RS-VISUAL-16)
Prof Jorge Flores and Dr Jonathan Greenwood (Max Weber Fellow)
Block seminar - Admin. Assistant: Fabrizio Borchi


Training Seminars

March Paper Seminar on Early Modern History
Prof Jorge Flores and Prof Ann Thomson
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Fabrizio Borchi

March Paper Seminar on Modern History
Group A: Prof Pieter Judson
Group B: Prof Pavel Kolář
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Fabrizio Borchi

Dissertation Writing
Group A: Prof Regina Grafe and Prof Corinna Unger
Group B: Prof Pieter Judson and Prof Lucy Riall
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Fabrizio Borchi

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