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History of European Integration

Research Seminar

Organised by Prof Federico Romero, Dr Benedetto Zaccaria (Research Assistant) and Dr Emmanuel Mourlon Druol (Jean Monnet Fellow)
Registration code: HEC-RS-EUINT-1
Thursdays, 17:10 - 19:00, Sala del Torrino - except on 1 February: Sala degli Stemmi and on 8 February: Sala del Camino
Starts on 11 January 2018

Admin. Assistant: Serena Belligoli


Seminar description

This research seminar explores the historiography on European integration and related areas of European cooperation in the postwar period. We will first review the main interpretations and methodological approaches with the aim of familiarizing researchers with the field’s varieties of focus, methods, and analytical scope. The seminar will then concentrate on the thematic areas and international policy issues that most affected European integration from the 1970s to the 1990s, reviewing the debates that reshaped integrative trends in the late 20th century.



Background Texts

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11 January: European integration between history and theory

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18 January: The making of the EEC: The policies

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25 January: The EEC: evolution of European governance

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1 February: The EEC: the international dimension (Sala degli Stemmi)

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8 February: European integration, Cold War and détente (Sala del Camino)

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15 February: Transitions in Southern Europe and the EEC enlargement

C. Tsakas opens on “Business history insights on enlargement”.

  • E. Karamouzi, “Enlargement as Foreign Policy: The Quest for Security?”, unpublished essay for a forthcoming book.
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22 February: Citizenship and democratic identity

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1 March: European Monetary Cooperation and Integration

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15 March: On the way to Maastricht

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22 March: The post-Cold War Era       

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  • F. Romero and N. P. Ludlow, “The European Commission and the World”, unpublished essay for a forthcoming book.



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