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First Term Seminars 2018-2019



20-30 September 2018




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Departmental Seminars

Core Introductory Seminar
Prof Jorge Flores and Prof Alexander Etkind (Registration code: HEC-DS-CORE-18)
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Fabrizio Borchi

Intellectual and Cultural History
Prof Ann Thomson and Dr Shiru Lim (Max Weber Fellow) (Registration code: HEC-DS-INTCUL-18)
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Francesca Parenti

International History
Prof Federico Romero and Prof Corinna Unger (Registration code:HEC-DS-INTL-18)
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Laura Borgese

Gender and Sexuality
Prof Laura L. Downs and Prof Pieter M. Judson (Registration code: HEC-DS-GENSEX-18)
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Francesca Parenti

History and Social Sciences
Prof Stéphane Van Damme and Prof Joanna Wawrzyniak (Registration code: HEC-DS-SOCIAL-18)
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Miriam Curci


Research Seminar

History of Natural Resources
Prof Alexander Etkind (Registration code: HEC-RS-NATRES-18)
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Fabrizio Borchi


Training Seminar

Advanced Dissertation Writing
Prof Pieter M. Judson and Prof Ann Thomson (Registration code: HEC-TS-ADWS-18)
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Francesca Parenti

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