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Second Term Seminars 2018-2019


10-17 December 2018



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Departmental Seminar

Global History
Prof Regina Grafe and Prof Lucy Riall (Registration code: HEC-DS-GLOHIS-18)
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Fabrizio Borchi


Research Seminars

Early Modern Encounters
Prof Giancarlo Casale (Registration code: HEC-RS-EMENC-18) 
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Laura Borgese

Paying for It All: Debt and Guilt in Early Modern Europe and beyond
Prof Regina Grafe and Dr Benoit Maréchaux (Max Weber Fellow) (Registration code: HEC-RS-PAYALL-18) 
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Fabrizio Borchi

Multi-Naturalism: Sciences and Environment in the age of Antropocene
Prof Stéphane Van Damme, Dr Amparo Fontaine (Max Weber Fellow) and Dr Simon Dagenais (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and EUI Visiting Fellow) (Registration code: HEC-RS-MULNAT-18) 
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Miriam Curci

Gender, Social Action and Politics in European Borderlands, 1880s to the present
Prof Laura L. Downs and Dr Dominika Gruziel (Marie Curie Fellow) (Registration code: HEC-RS-EUBOR-18)
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Francesca Parenti

Empires in Modern History
Prof Pieter M. Judson, Prof Lucy Riall and Dr Alessandro Bonvini (Max Weber Fellow) (Registration code: HEC-RS-EMPIR-18)
Hybrid seminar - Admin. Assistant: Laura Borgese

Business, Finance and the Making of Europe in the Twentieth Century
Prof Youssef Cassis and Dr Grace Ballor (Max Weber Fellow) (Registration code: HEC-RS-BUSFIN-18)
Block seminar - Admin. Assistant: Miriam Curci

The Emergence of Transnational Governance
Prof Federico Romero and Prof Corinna Unger (Registration code: HEC-RS-TRAGOV-18)
Block seminar - Admin. Assistant: Laura Borgese


Training Seminars

March Paper on Early Modern History
Prof Giancarlo Casale (Registration code: HEC-TS-MPEMH-18)
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Laura Borgese

March Paper on Modern History
Group A: Prof Stéphane Van Damme (Registration code: HEC-TS-MPMHA-18)
Group B: Prof Youssef Cassis (Registration code: HEC-TS-MPMHB-18)
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Miriam Curci

Dissertation Writing
Group A: Prof Alexander Etkind and Prof Federico Romero (Registration code: HEC-TS-DISWRA-18)
Weekly seminar  - Admin. Assistant: Fabrizio Borchi
Group B: Prof Laura L. Downs and Prof Jorge Flores (Registration code: HEC-TS-DISWRB-18)
Weekly seminar - Admin. Assistant: Francesca Parenti

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