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Core Introductory Seminar A & B

Deparmental Seminar

Group A: Prof Federico Romero 
Thursdays 15:10-17:00, Sala del Torrino

Group B: Prof Giorgio Riello
Thursdays, 15:10-17:00, Sala dei Levrieri, except on 7 November in Sala degli Stemmi

Joint sessions on 24 October (Sala del Torrino) and on 31 October (Sala degli Stemmi)

No seminar sessions on 17 October and 5 December

Starts on 10 October 2019
Admin. Assistant: Serena Belligoli


Seminar description 

The Core introductory seminar is designed to introduce first year doctoral researchers to fundamental elements of historical method while integrating them into the intellectual culture of our department. The distinctiveness of this culture lies above all in our shared commitment to the comparative, transnational and global history of Europe in the world. This common commitment is expressed and realized in very diverse ways in the research pursued by the faculty researchers with whom you will be working over the next four years. 

Equally important, the seminar also aims to promote a common culture of discussion and intellectual engagement among researchers who, like the EUI faculty, come from very different academic cultures. Only through dialogue and exchange can we begin to understand the concepts that underlie our particular languages of scholarship and think in rich and comparative/transnational ways about how these different research traditions can engage each other.

With these goals in mind, the seminar revolves on sessions intended to introduce researchers to the Department, its fields of research and diverse approaches through concrete discussion of ongoing faculty research.


10 October: Introduction and Faculty Presentation

 Presentation by Regina Grafe, "Regulating commerce in the Eighteenth Century Atlantic: a global take on the history of ideas and the economic history of the Carrera de Indias and the Navigation Laws"

  • Grafe R., "Regulating commerce in the Eighteenth Century Atlantic: a global take on the history of ideas and the economic history of the Carrera de Indias and the Navigation Laws" in Commercial Regulation in the Atlantic, preliminary draft


24 October (Joint session): A Conversation with Max Weber Fellows (Sala del Torrino)

Presentations by Gaspar Jakovac and Nikolaos Mavropoulos

31 October (Joint session): A Conversation with Jürgen Osterhammel (Sala degli Stemmi)

  • Oltermann P., “Angela Merkel and the history book that helped inform her worldview”, The Guardian, 29 December 2016
  • Osterhammel J., ”Debating Global History”, May 2018, preliminary draft
  • Reed C.V., ”Manning on Osterhammel, 'The Transformation of the World: A Global History of the Nineteenth Century'”, H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences Online, 29 July 2016

7 November: Faculty Presentations (Group A in Sala del Torrino and Group B in Sala degli Stemmi)

Presentations by Giorgio Riello, “Visual Culture and the Making of the Global” and Federico Romero, “Approaches to late 20th century international history”

  • Riello G., 'The World in a Book: The Creation of the Global in Sixteenth-century Costume Books', Past & Present, Supplement 20 (forthcoming 2019)
  • Romero F., “Cold War Anti-Communism and the impact of Communism on the West”, in The Cambridge History of Communism, Vol. II, edited by Norman Naimark, Sophie Quinn-Judge and Silvio Pons (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017), pp. 291-314

14 November: Faculty Presentations

Presentation by Ann Thomson, “Global Intellectual History or Transcultural Intellectual History?” and Corinna Unger, "Postwar European Development Aid: Defined by Decolonization, the Cold War, and European Integration?” 

  • Thomson A., “Global Intellectual History: Some Reflections on Recent Publications”
  • Corinna R. Unger, “Postwar European Development Aid: Defined by Decolonization, the Cold War, and European Integration?,” in Stephen Macekura and Erez Manela, eds., The Development Century: A Global History (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018), 240-260

21 November: Faculty Presentations

Presentation by Lucy Riall, “The hidden spaces of 19th-century Empires” and Stéphane Van Damme, “Towards Global History of Science?”

  • Riall L., "'Hidden Spaces of Empire: Science, Trade and Italian Colonies in Peru" (unpublished)
  • Conrad S., "Rethinking German colonialism in a global age", Journal of Commonwealth History, 41: 4 (2013), 543-66
  • Van Damme S., "What (good) is cultural history for history of science today? Perspectives, challenges, concerns", Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 2018, 1-7

28 November: Faculty Presentations

Presentation by Giancarlo Casale, "Global Renaissance?  The Ottoman test case" and Alexander Etkind, “Conspiracy Histories of Global Crises”

  • Casale G., "Time and the Other: Rumi Encounters with Egypt’s Ancient Past" (unpublished)
  • Etkind A. and Yablokov I., “Global Crises as Western Conspiracies: Russian Theories on Oil Prices and the Ruble Exchange Rate”, JSPPS 3:2 (2017)


12 December: Faculty Presentations

Presentation by Laura Downs, "Gender and social politics in European borderlands, 1880s-1990s” and Pieter Judson,"Nationalism and Indifference"

  • Downs L., “La piu serena italianizzazione? Social action and nationalist politics in the northeastern Adriatic borderlands (1919-1954)” Acta histriae 26/4 (dec 2018), 1087-1102
  • Judson P., "Nationalism and Indifference" in Johannes Feichtinger/Heidemarie Uhl (Hg.), Habsburg Neu Denken Vielfalt Und Ambivalenz In Zentraleuropa 30 Kulturwissenschaftliche Stichworte (Böhlau Verlag Wien Köln Weimar, 2016)
  • Judson P., "Encounters with Language Diversity in Late Habsburg Austria", in Prokopovich M., Bethke C. and Scheer T. (eds.), "Language Diversity in the Late Habsburg Empire" (Brill 2019) pp.12-25



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