Advanced Dissertation Writing

Training Seminar

Organised by Prof. Regina Grafe and Prof. F. Romero
Registration code: HEC-TS-ADWS-20

  • 26 October (9.00 - 15.30), Sala del Consiglio
  • 16 November (9.00 - 16.30), Sala del Torrino
  • 27 November (10.00 - 13.30), Sala del Consiglio
  • 30 November (14.00 - 18.30), Sala del Torrino
  • 4 December (14.00 - 17.30), Sala del Torrino

Admin. Assistant: Fabrizio Borchi

Seminar description

This Training Seminar is aimed especially at 3rd and 4th year researchers. It offers an opportunity for advanced researchers to present and discuss their work in progress. Each session usually includes one or two presentations. The discussion is briefly introduced by the researcher who presents a chapter circulated prior to each session. Participants are expected to read and provide constructive feedback on the draft chapters.


Page last updated on 10 November 2020

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