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2nd term 2020-2021


1-17 December 2020




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Departmental seminar

Gender and Sexuality
Prof Benno Gammerl and Prof Pieter M. Judson
Registration code: HEC-DS-GENSEX-20

Research seminars

Europe and the history of 20th century multilateralism
Prof Federico Romero, Prof Glenda Sluga and Dr Roberta Biasillo (Max Weber Fellow)
Registration code: HEC-RS-COOINT-20

Contagion: Pandemics and the global history of science, medicine and knowledge
Prof Giancarlo Casale and Prof Stéphane Van Damme
Registration code: HEC-RS-CONPAN-20

Prof Pieter M. Judson, Prof Lucy Riall and Dr Andrés Vicent Fanconi (Max Weber Fellow)
Registration code: HEC-RS-EMPIR-20

A New History of Economic Thought
Prof Glenda Sluga and Dr Sabine Selchow
Registration code: HEC-RS-HISECO-20

Figures of conspiracy. History, Politics, Religion
Prof Nicolas Guilhot
Registration code: HEC-RS-FIGCON-20

Training seminars

March Paper in Early Modern History
Prof Giancarlo Casale and Dr Ana Sekulic
Registration code: HEC-TS-MPEMH-20

March Paper in Modern History A
Prof Alexander Etkind and Dr Joy Neumeyer (Max Weber Fellow)
Registration code: HEC-TS-MPMHA-20

March Paper in Modern History B
Prof Nicolas Guilhot
Registration code: HEC-TS-MPMHB-20

Dissertation Writing Seminar A
Prof Pieter M. Judson, Prof Corinna Unger and Dr Christos Aliprantis (Max Weber Fellow)
Registration code: HEC-TS-DISWRA-20

Dissertation Writing Seminar B
Prof Benno Gammerl and Prof.Pieter M. Judson 
Registration code: HEC-TS-DISWRB-20







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