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Gender and Sexuality

Departmental Seminar

Organised by Prof. Benno Gammerl and Prof. Pieter M. Judson 
Registration code: HEC-DS-GENSEX-20

Fridays 4,11 December (9:00‐10:50)
Tuesdays (17:10‐19:00) 

Admin. Assistant: Francesca Parenti

Seminar description

When and where have you last seen a condom machine? Histories of gender, of sexuality and of queerness are crucial, fascinating, and multifaceted. In ten sessions across both the autumn and spring terms, we will introduce and investigate a range of approaches to these fields. Our discussions will highlight interdisciplinary and intersectional perspectives. Based on selected seminar readings we will discuss: persecution and emancipation, the feminist sex wars, rural homosexualities, reproduction in an age of technology, questions of affect and materiality; toxic masculinity; sex tourism, queer consumer cultures and homonationalism, trans* histories, and queer temporalities. Along the way we examine visual and textual primary and secondary sources as we encounter figures like Philip Prince Eulenburg, Colonel Barker, and Valerie Solanas. Narrating histories of gender, sexuality and queerness appropriately is a challenging task. One needs to come to terms with varied identifications, with what appear to be minute differences, with stark injustices and above all, with complex dynamics.

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