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A New History of Economic Thought

Research Seminar

Organised by Prof. Glenda Sluga  
Registration code: HEC-RS-HISECO-20

Dates TBD
Admin. Assistant: Laura Borgese

Seminar description

As the world faces successive unprecedented challenges that are impacting on how we live our lives, this intensive research seminar returns to the history of economic thought in search of answers. It will draw in leading scholars from around the world working in economic history, intellectual history, social and cultural history to reconsider how we understand (and write about) the development of economic thinking since the early 19th century.  Among the subjects it will look at are the history of imperial economic sovereignty, new histories of capitalism and development, international governance, the social and institutional context of ideas, the roles of “mid-level” and even “non-intellectual” intellectuals. While our main concerns will be conceptual, asking what counts as economics, whose ideas matter, where and why, we will also explore the significance of archives as the bases for rethinking this history. The main event will be a short workshop, with a number of preparatory seminars beforehand, and debriefing seminars after.



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