March Paper in Modern History

Training Seminar

Admin. Assistant: Alba Parrini

Group A: Prof. Alexander Etkind and Dr Joy Neumeyer (Max Weber Fellow)
Registration code: HEC-TS-MPMHA-20
Starts on 12 January, on line

  • Tuesdays (9:00‐10:50) 
  • Tuesday 2 March (09.00 - 12.50)

Group B: Prof. Nicolas Guilhot
Registration code: HEC-TS-MPMHB-20
Starts on 14 January, sala degli Stemmi

  • Thursdays (9:00‐10:50)
  • Thursday 28 January (15:10‐17:00) 
  • Thursday 4 March (09.00 - 10.50 and 15.10 - 17.00)


Seminar description 

This Training Seminar offers first-year researchers the opportunity to introduce their work for group discussion and feedback in advance of the March Paper. The seminar covers several practicalities of historical research, such as  defining a clear research agenda, formulating effective research questions and hypotheses based on the sources, how best to use archival and other primary sources, developing methods for using different types of source-material, evaluating existing historiography, and structuring analyses and larger narratives. Above all, the training seminar offers first-year researchers a forum in which to obtain critical feedback from the professors and their peers as they prepare their March Papers.



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