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Gender, A Useful Tool for Global History

Research seminar

Prof. Giulia Calvi

Tuesdays 11:00-12:50, sala Belvedere

Secretary: Kathy Wolf-Fabiani (Office VS 017)

Starts on 10 January 2012

Seminar material




10 January: Global Trends in Gender History

• Giulia Calvi, Global Trends. Gender Studies in Europe and the U.S. “European History Quarterly”, 2010, 40, 4, 641–655

• Ulrike Strasser and Heidi Tinsman, It’s a Man’s World? World History Meets the History of Masculinity, in Latin American Studies, for Instance “Journal of World History”, 21, 1, 2010, 75-96

Further readings:

• P. N. Stearns, Gender in World History, Routledge 2005

• M. Wiesner Hanks, World History and the History of Women, Gender, Sexuality “Journal of World History” 18, 1, 2007, 54-67

• D. Chakrabarty, Domestic Cruelty and the Birth of the Subject, in Provincializing Europe. Post colonial Thought and Historical Difference. Princeton U.P. 2000, ch. 5.


17 January: Telling Stories: Western Feminist Theory revised

• Clare Hemmings, Why Stories Matter, Duke U.P. 2011, Introduction

• M. Strobel and M. Bingham, The Theroy and Practice of Women’s History and Gender History in Global Perspective, in B.G. Smith (ed.) Women’s History in Global Perspective, The American Historical Association 2004

Further readings:

• C. Hemmings, Why Stories Matter, Duke U.P. 2011

• A. Burton, Thinking Beyond the Boundaries: Empire, Feminism and the Domaine of History “Social History” 26,1,2001, 60-71


24 January: Revisiting “Gender: A Useful Category of Historical Analysis”

• AHR Forum 2008: Introduction, 1344-45

• J. Meyerovitz, A History of “Gender”, 1346-1356

• H. Tinmans, A Paradigm of Our Own: Joan Scott in Latin American History, 1357-1374

• G. Hershatter and  W. Zheng, Chinese History, 14041421

• M. Bucur, Gender History and Eastern Europe, 1375-1389

• J. W. Scott, Unanswered Questions, 1422-1429

Further readings:

• Cornwalll, A., Harrison, E., Whitehead, A. (eds.), Feminism in Development: Contradictions, Contestations, Challenges. London 2007

• Cruz-Malawe, A., Manalansan, F., Queer Globalization: Citizenship and the Afterlife of Colonialism, New York 2002


31 January: Gender in the Process of Protoglobalization

• L. Montrose, The Work of Gender in the Discourse of Discovery, in S. Greenblatt (ed.), New World Encounters, U. of California Press 1993, 177-217

• J. L. Morgan, Labouring Women: Reproduction and Gender in New World Slavery, U. of Pennsylvania Press 2004,  Introduction and Chapter One

Further readings:

• A. Burton and T. Ballantyne, Bodies in Contact, Duke U.O. 2005


7 February: Intimacies and Power

• A. L. Stoler, Tense and Tender Ties:  The Politics of Comparison in North American History and (Post) colonial Studies, The Journal of American History, 88, 3, 2007, 1-31

• D. Hoerder, How the Intimate Lives of Subaltern Men, Women and Children Confound the Nation’s Master Narratives, The Journal of American History, 88, 3 2007, 1-7

Further readings:

• A. L. Stoler and F. Cooper, “Between Metropole and Colony: Rethinking a Research Agenda”, in Tensions of Empire: Colonial Cultures in a Bourgeois World, ed. F. Cooper and A.L. Stoler,  Berkeley 1997

• J. Clancy Smith and F. Gouda (eds.), Domesticating the Empire: Race, Gender and Family Life in French and Dutch Colonialism, Charlottesville 1998


14 February: Sex and Race: Discourses and Practices of Inequality in Comparative Perspectives

• J. De Groot, Sex and Race: the construction of language and image in the nineteenth century, in S. Mendus and J. Rendall (eds.), Sexuality and Subordination, London 1989

• P. Scully, Race and Ethnicity in Women’s and Gender History in Global Perspective, in B.G. Smith (ed.), Women’s History in a Global Perspective, The American Historical Association 2004

Further Readings:

• L. M. Neuman, White Women’s Rights: The Racial Origins of Feminism in the US, Oxford UP 1999

• W. Jordan, White over Black: American Attitudes toward the Negro, 1550-1812, U. of North Carolina Press 1968


21 February: Agency and Resistance

• D. Ko, Foot binding and anti-foot binding in China,  in Cinderella’s Sisters. A revisionist history of foot binding, California U.P.2005

• S. Schneewind, Reconsidering Sati in Universal Context “Journal of World History” 18, 3, 2007, 353- 368

Further readings:

• Gayatry C. Spivak, Three Women’s Texts and a Critique of Imperialism “Critical Inquiry” 12, 1985, 243-261

• A. Loomba, Dead Women Tell no Tales, “History Workshop Journal” 36, 1993, pp.241-262


28 February: The Sexual Division of Labor. Biology , Culture and World Markets : The Long Run

• A. Kessler - Harris, Gender and Work: Possibilities for a Global Historical Overview, in B.G. Smith, Smith (ed.) Women’s History in Global Perspective, The American Historical Association 2004, 145-194

• G. Belfanti, Was Fashion a European invention? “Journal of Global History” 2008, 3, 419-443

Further Readings:

• U. Rublack, Dressing Up, Oxford U.P.2010

• A. Philips and B.Taylor, Sex and Skill: Notes towards a Feminist Economics, in J. W. Scott (ed.), Feminism and History, Oxford U.P. 1996


6 March: Global Men

• R. W. Connell, The big picture: Masculinities in recent world history “Theory and Society” 22, 1993, 597-623

• M. E. Wiesner-Hanks, Crossing borders in transnational gender history “Journal of Global History”, 6, 3, 2011, 357-379

Further readings:

• C. Forth, Masculinities in the Modern West, Palgrave 2008

• C. Forth and B. Taithe (eds.),  Fr Smith (ed.) Women’s History in Global Perspective, The American Historical Association 2004ench Masculinities, Palgrave 2007

• D. F. Janssen (ed.), International guide to literature on masculinity: a bibliography, Men's Studies Press, 2008





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