Nations and Nationalism Revisited

Research seminar

Prof. Pavel Kolár, Dr. Emanuela Grama-Neamtu (Max Weber Fellow) and Dr. Fedja Buric (Max Weber Fellow)

Mondays 13:10-15:00, sala Belvedere

Secretary: Francesca Parenti (Office VS 014)

Starts on 9 January 2012


Seminar description

Although it has become a commonplace among contemporary political and intellectual elites to speak of a “post-national” era, in fact nationalist-driven discourses and practices continue to shape political reality of Europe no less than in the past. This seminar attends to this paradox by revisiting the studies in nations and nationalism since 1945. We will not only examine the key texts on nation and nationalism (Kohn, Deutsch, Hroch, Gellner, Anderson, Breuilly etc.) as scholarly innovations. Rather, we will try to understand them as products of their political and socio-cultural context. Finally, the seminar will explore the present state of nationalism studies against the background of this historical trajectory.


9 January: Historical Trajectories of Nationalism Studies

• Umut Özkirimli, Theories of Nationalism
• Geoff Eley / Ronald Grigor Suny, Becoming National
• Interviews with Miroslav Hroch and John Breuilly
• Prefaces to Benedict Anderson, Miroslav Hroch, Eric Hobsbawm, and Hans Kohn


16 January: Nationalism East and West

• Hans Kohn, Idea of Nationalism
• Peter Sugar, Nationalism in Eastern Europe 
• Maria Todorova, Trap of Backwardnes


23 January: The Idea of “Constructed”

• Max Weber, Ethnic Group
• Fredrik Barth, Ethnic Groups and Boundaries
• Benedict Anderson, Imagined Communities


30 January: Nation, Communication, Modernization

• Karl W. Deutsch, Nationalism and Social Communication
• Anthony Smith, Nationalism and Modernism
• Liah Greenfeld, Nationalism, Five Roads to Modernity


6 February: Class and Social Conflict

• Miroslav Hroch, Social Preconditions...
• Tom Nairn, The Modern Janus and Scotland and Europe


13 February: Nation and State

• Roger Brubaker, Citizenship und Nationhood
• John Breuilly, Nationalism and the State
• Montserrat Guibernau, Nations without State


20 February: Nation, Faith, Religion

• Anthony W. Marx, Faith in Nation
• David A. Bell, The Cult in the Nation in France 


5 March: Globalization and the Challenge of the Non-European

• Partha Chatterjee, The Nation and Its Fragments
• Ann McClintock, No Longer in a Future Heaven, in Becoming National
• Vena Daas, National Honour and Practical Kinship: of Unwanted Women and Children


12 March: Concluding Workshop with Prof. Montserrat Guibernau (Queen Mary University of London), Prof. Miroslav Hroch (Charles University in Prague) and Prof. Umut Özkirimli (Visiting Professor, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University).



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