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Research Design and Research Skills in Early Modern History

Training seminar

Prof. Antonella Romano

Mondays 17:10-19:00, sala Belvedere

Secretary: Monica Palao Calvo (Office VS 014)

Starts on 9 January 2012


Seminar description

Dedicated to first year researchers whose topic is in early modern history, the Training Seminar is designed to introduce them to the basic practicalities of historical research, by investigating the use of archival and other primary sources, the methods appropriate for the use of different types of source material, developing research questions and hypotheses in dialogue with the sources, defining one’s agenda of research questions, evaluating existing historiography, structuring analysis and narrative etc. The training seminar is a forum in which first-year researchers who are preparing their February and June paper papers can present their sources, hypotheses and ideas to their peers and to the professor leading the seminar in order to get critical feedback


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