Thesis Writing Seminar

Prof. Heinz-Gerhard Haupt and Prof. Dirk Moses

Tuesdays 13.10-15.00, sala Belvedere (but please check the calendar)

Secretary: Kathy Wolf-Fabiani (Office VS 017)

Starts on 10 January 2012


Seminar description

The seminar is a forum for presenting work-in-progress, whether thesis chapters or intermediate reports. Issues pertaining to academic writing, like the argument development and structuring of chapters / the thesis, are also covered.



10 January (Tuesday): Introduction


24 January (Tuesday): Introductions-argument development / thesis structuring

Gustavo Alares López: “On Caudillos, Martyrs and Patriots: The Myth of the Sieges of Zaragoza and its Commemoration (1958, 1982, 2008)”


23 February (Thursday):

Robrecht Declercq (HEC Researcher): “Towards a Modern Fur rade? Charles Townsend and the Hudson's Bay Company in the 1920s”

Alan Granadino González (HEC Researcher): “The Political Culture of the PSOE in the Spanish Transition to Democracy”

Daniel Knegt (HEC Researcher): “‘Un vent mauvais’: The Seduction of Fascism during France in the 1930s”


13 March (Tuesday):

Romain Bonnett: “Political Violence, the Agrarian Question and the Crisis of Liberal Parliamentarism in post First-World War Italy (1918-1922) and during the Spanish Second Republic (1931-1936)”

Jan-Hendrik Schulz: “Hungerstreiks von Gefangenen der Roten Armee Fraktion (RAF) und der Action Directe (AD) in den 1980er Jahren im Vergleich”

Petter Sangren, “Emulating Eton: The Emergence of Private Boarding Schools in Sweden”




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