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Gender and Sexuality Across the Disciplines

Interdepartmental Seminar

Organised by Prof. Laura Lee Downs and Prof. Ruth Rubio (Law Department)
Thursdays 11:00-12:50, Mansarda (Villa Schifanoia)
Admin. Assistant: Annick Bulckaen (Law Department)
Starts on 15 January 2015


Seminar description

The goal of this seminar is to explore from multiple disciplinary angles several of the major themes around which gender and sexuality studies have been organized: Work (both paid and unpaid) and family; Political participation/representation; Gender, ethnicity and intersectionality; Sexuality. Traversing all four themes we find a fifth, overarching question, that of reproduction, which seems to play a determinative role in the organization of political, economic, social, sexual and gender relations across societies and nations. Convinced that good interdisciplinary work is grounded in a solid mastery of individual disciplinary approaches, we will begin by exploring each of these themes from different disciplinary perspectives. Ultimately, however, the goal is not merely to juxtapose the different disciplinary approaches but to use concrete themes and questions (family/state relations, organization of marriage and sexuality, employment discrimination) in order to think across those boundaries.The course covers two themes in the fall semester and two in the spring, and participants may choose to enrol for either or both semesters. Full course credit will be offered by each department to researchers who choose to follow this seminar.


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