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Researchers Working Groups

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Working Groups are entirely organized and managed by researchers with the aim of sharing common interests. There are no specific formulas for these groups and therefore the structure may vary in many ways concerning participation, reading, guest-speakers, etc. Researchers are encouraged to join and set up working groups. They should not only take advantage of helping to contemplate the fields covered by research seminars but also profit from the possibility of peer-to-peer learning and more open and flexible working conditions than can be provided by seminars.

List of Working Groups

Setting up a new Working Group

To set up a new working group, please contact the Departmental Coordinator

Organizing an event

A Working Group wishing to organize a workshop or to invite an external speaker should be aware that funding may not be available. In order to start planning an event it is necessary to:

  1. consult with professors about conceptualizing and organizing the workshop and draft a preliminary description of the project
  2. inform the Departmental Coordinator who will put you in contact with the administrative assistant in charge
  3. look for financial contributions

Note that the main bulk of the logistics of the workshop remains with the working group members, although the administrative assistant can provide support in drafting a budget, liaising with the catering service etc.


Page last updated on 26 May 2021

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