History Department Colloquium 2013-2014

The Whip of External Necessity, Soviet Marxism and Modern War: Some Speculations 

Campbell CraigSpeaker: Campbell Craig (Aberystwyth University, Fernand Braudel Fellow)

Discussant: Federico Romero (EUI)

23 October 2013



Explaining the Success of the Spanish Empire


Speaker: Regina Grafe (EUI)

Discussant: Jorge Flores (EUI)

30 October 2013



A Deep History of the Political: Is it Possible?

Levent Yilmaz

Speaker: Levent Yilmaz (Istanbul Bilgi University, Fernand Braudel Fellow)

Discussant: Ann Thomson (EUI)

6 November 2013



Protecting State Credit. Speculation, Trust, and Sovereignty in 1920s France and at the League of Nations


Speaker: Nicolas Delalande (Sciences Po, Paris)

Discussant: Youssef Cassis (EUI)

13 November 2013



Geological Grandeur. Exploring a Physical History of Paris (18th-19th Centuries)


Speaker: Stéphane Van Damme (EUI)

Discussant: Sebastiao Nuno Silva (Max Weber Felow)

4 December 2013



Exceptional Executions. The Death Penalty and Sacrifice after 1945


Speaker: Pavel Kolár (EUI)

Discussant: Dennis Patterson (EUI)

15 January 2014



Should Central Banks Save Failing Banks? Insights from the 1889 Crisis

hautcoeur_01Speaker: Pierre-Cyrille (EHESS)

Discussant: Youssef Cassis (EUI)

27 January 2014



Decentring the Enlightenment 


Speaker: Ann Thomson (EUI)

Discussant: Alexandra Ortolja-Baird (EUI)

5 February 2014



European Pragmatism? The Internationalization of Philosophical Debates circa. 1910


Speaker: Jean Louis Fabiani (CEU, Fernand Braudel Fellow)

Discussant: Tommaso Giordani (EUI)

12 February 2014



How to Write a History of Serbia Today. Methodological and Some Other (Post-Yugoslav) Challenges

dejanSpeaker: Dejan Djokic (Goldsmiths College, London, Visiting Fellow)

Discussant: Lucy Riall (EUI)

12 March 2014



Commemorating Catastrophe. Commemorating the Great War 100 Years On


Speaker: Jay Winter (Yale University)

26 March 2014




Emancipation through Empire: Algeria, 1832-1962


Speaker: Saliha Belmessous (University of New South Wales)

Discussant: Florian Wagner (EUI)

30 April 2014



The Cult of Mussolini in Nazi Germany


Speaker: Christian Goeschel (University of Manchester)

Discussant: Paul Corner (Università di Siena)

7 May 2014



From Emigration to Ethnic Cleansing in East Central Europe, 1918-1948


Speaker: Tara Zahra (University of Chicago, Fernand Braudel Fellow)

Discussant: Laura Almagor (EUI)

15 May 2014




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