History Department Colloquium 2020-2021


Lecture series organised by Profs. Giorgio Riello and Federico Romero

Faculty and visiting fellows present their current research in the History Department Research Colloquium, the department’s key venue in which the entire community -  faculty, fellows, researchers and post-docs - engage with new research topics, approaches and methodologies.


Reversing Viewpoint: Travelling Students as Knowledge Agents in Early Modern Europe


Speaker: Valentina Lepri (Polish Academy of Sciences and Fernand Braudel Fellow, EUI)

21 October 2020

"...with them teaching her, she quickly learned their language": Language, Gender and Communication in the Multilingual Mediterranean


Speaker: Eric Dursteler (Brigham Young University and Fernand Braudel Fellow, EUI)

11 November 2020

The Greek Revolution as an Imperial Event, 1797-1830


Speaker: Yanni Kotsonis  (New York University and Fernand Braudel Fellow, EUI)

25 November 2020 

Waste in Postwar Twentieth Century – the response of international organizations to an evolving global challenge


Speaker: Iris Borowy (Shanghai University and Fernand Braudel Fellow, EUI)

24 February 2021

Travels in Space and Time: Progress, War and the Historical Mobilities of Scotland's Enlightenment


Speaker: Bruce Alexander Buchan (Griffith University and Fernand Braudel Fellow, EUI)

31 March 2021

Learning About Jewish Destruction from the Newspaper Pravda


Speaker. Diana Dumitru (Ion Creanga State University of Moldova and Fernand Braudel Fellow, EUI)

28 April 2021


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Images of the Other in the Ukrainian Memory and History, 1990s - 2010s



Speaker: Georgiy Kassianov (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Fernand Braudel Fellow, EUI)

12 May 2021


The Strategies of Distinction for Women's Hairdressers in Ancien Régime France


Speaker: Jean-Alexandre Perras (Marie Curie Fellow, EUI)

19 May 2021



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