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History Department Colloquium 2016-2017

Lecture series organised by Profs. Corinna Unger and Luca Molà

The History Department Research Colloquium offers an informal setting within which permanent and visiting faculty can present their current research.The Department Colloquium is a forum where faculty, researchers and post-docs can come together in the serious discussion of ongoing faculty research at the EUI.


Invisible Leviathan: How to Write a History of State Violence in 'Peaceful Times’ ? (Europe 1956-1991)


Speaker: Pavel Kolář (European University Institute)

07 June 2017


Looking West: Détente, the Socialist Regimes and their Opening to the Globalizing Market Economy


Speaker: Federico Romero (European University Institute)

22 March 2017

The Enemy: The Politics and Propaganda of Anticommunism in Italy

Stone Marla

Speaker: Marla Stone (Occidental College - Fernand Braudel Fellow)

08 March 2017

Manners, Customs and Civilization in XVIIIth c. Culture: the 'Anthropology' of J.-N. Démeunier

Minuti Rolando

Speaker: Rolando Minuti (Università di Firenze - Fernand Braudel Fellow)

01 March 2017

The Middle East: The Rise and Fall of an Idea

James Renton

Speaker: James Renton (Edge Hill University - Jean Monnet Fellow)

01 February 2017

Art Politics and Art History in Twentieth-Century Spain


Speakers: Junko Kume (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) and Isaac Ait Moreno (Keio University, Tokyo)

07 December 2016

Muslim Rome: Horizons of the Renaissance in the Ottoman Mediterranean

Casale Giancarlo

Speaker: Giancarlo Casale (University of Minnesota)

30 November 2016

The Floating World. Migration, Mobility and Hospitality in Renaissance Venice


Speaker: Rosa Salzberg (Marie Curie Fellow)

23 November 2016

Identities in motion: How travel affected Turkish self-perceptions and Czech perceptions of the Turks (1870-1930)

Maleckova Jitka

Speaker: Jitka Maleckova (Charles University, Prague - Fernand Braudel Fellow)

09 November 2016

The Space Between: A Global MicroHistory from Nootka Sound


Speaker: Maxine Berg (University of Warwick)

02 November 2016


Oral and Visual Memories of People Carrying the Status of 'Migrant' in Italy and the Netherlands: Ethical, Terminological and Cultural Reflections


Speakers: Luisa Passerini (Principal Investigator ERC/BABE Project) and Milica Trakilovich (Research Associate ERC/BABE Project)

26 October 2016

After Serfdom and Slavery. Intellectual Legacies and Cultural Memories


Speaker: Irina Prokhorova (New Literary Observer)

Discussant: Kate Brown (UMBC - Fernand Braudel Fellow)

25 October 2016


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