Podcasts and Videos of Academic Events

Academic year 2019-2020

Conference: Final Conference of the ERC PanEur1970s Project (2-3-4/12/2019)

play buttonFederico Romero (EUI), Socialism between Détente and Globalization (audio, 19' 02")
play buttonAngela Romano (EUI), Pan-Europe: a Continental Space of Cooperation(s) (audio, 23' 18")

play buttonFritz Bartel (Texas A&M University), The Triumph of Broken Promises: Oil, Finance, and the Fall of Communism (audio, 37' 20")

play buttonLukas Dovern (Stanford University), The Local Dimension of Global Finance: Poland and the World in the long 1970s (audio, 29' 10")

Lecture: Communication and Commerce: Ferdinand Columbus Catalogues and the Early Modern Economy of Knowledge  (27/11/2019)

play buttonJosé Maria Perez Fernandez (University of Granada) (audio, 49' 55")

Lecture: The Troubles of Global Civitas: Immigration, Segregation, and Convivencia in Colonial Manila, 1580-1700 (13/11/2019)

play button Ryan Crewe (University of Colorado, Denver) (audio, 1h 10' 17")

Ursula Hirschmann Lecture: Gender/sex Identity is in the Body. How did it get there? (05/11/2019)

youtube button  Anne Fausto-Sterling (Nancy Duke Lewis Professor Emerita, Brown University) (video, 30' 10")


Academic year 2018-2019

Lecture: Defining "Religion" and "Polytheism" in the Study of Ancient Religions (12/06/2019)

play button Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge (Collège de France) (audio, 56' 40")

Lecture: Rumour and Manliness between Mughal India and Habsburg Hiberia (29/05/2019)

play button Jorge Flores (EUI) (audio, 51' 40")

Lecture: Dialogues and Silences in Oral and Visual Stories (21/02/2019)

play button Luisa Passerini (Professor Emerita, EUI) (audio, 1h 33' 18")

Lecture: Non-Alignment as an Alternative Vision to the Superpower Cold War (20/02/2019)

play button Lorenz Luthi (McGill University) (audio, 57' 07")

Lecture: Le Moyen Orient comme Systeme Politique (10/12/2018)

play button Henry Laurens (College de France) (audio, 1h 04' 54")

Ursula Hirschmann Lecture: From Gendering Management to Managing Gender  (22/11/2018)

play button Marie-Laure Salles-Djelic (SciencesPo, Paris) (audio, 57' 58")

Lecture: Late Stalinism: the Aestethics of Politics (31/10/2018)

play button Evgeny Dobrenko (University of Sheffield) (audio, 50' 51")

Academic year 2017-2018

Lecture: Collapse of the Left in Europe (19/4/2018)

youtube button André Burguière (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris) (video, 29' 12")

Lecture: Structuralism and Ontology: An Anthropological Journey (4/5/2018)

youtube buttonPhilippe Descola (Collège de France) (video, 1h 04' 08")

Lectures: Travels, Ethnology, and Natural History (15/3/2018)

play buttonHenrique Leitão (University of Lisbon) and Joan Pau Rubiés (Pompeu Fabra University) (audio, 1h 08' 50")

Workshop: Is There Space in Cities for State Building? (8/2/2018)

play buttonKeynote speech: Manuel Herrero Sánchez (University Pablo de Olavide), Urban Revolts and models of Sovereignty. The Memory of the Dutch Revolt in the political decision-making of the Hispanic monarchy during the XVIIth century (audio, 53' 08")

play buttonSession 1: Extra-European and overseas territories. Shaping agents and strategies - presentations by Jorge Díaz Ceballos (University Pablo de Olavide), Nazli Songülen (EUI) and Irene María Vicente Martin (EUI) (audio, 30' 47")

play buttonSession 2: Between trust and coercion. Fiscal and credit systems in a comparative scope - presentations by Íñigo Ena Sanjuán (EUI), Alberto Sánchez Camacho (EUI) and Juan Manuel Castillo Rubio (University Pablo de Olavide) (audio, 41' 23")


Lecture: Republicanism in Russia: Community Before and After Communism (5/12/2017)

play button Oleg Kharkhordin (European University at St.Petersburg) (podcast 1h 01' 11")

Lecture: Governing the Uncertain: Knowledge Production on Shale Gas at Various Political Levels (29/11/2017) 

play buttonAleksandra Lis (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan) (podcast 48' 48")

Lecture: Modern Europe, c.1760s-2000. A Transnational History (12/10/2017)

play button Bernhard Struck (Fernand Braudel Fellow, EUI and University of St Andrews) (podcast 49' 54")

Conference: The Peripheries of the European Revolutionary Process(es), 1917-23 (5-7/10/2017)

play button

Steve Smith (University of Oxford), The Russian Revolution: A Hundred Years On  (podcast 59' 49")

play button Robert Gerwarth (University College Dublin), Bolshevism and the European Counter-Revolution, 1917-1939  (podcast 37' 21")

HEC Inaugural workshop (3-5/10/2017)

play buttonGert Oostindie (Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies), Colonial History in Postcolonial Europe: A Past that Will Not Go Away (podcast, 51' 02")

Academic year 2016-2017

 Workshop:  "Collecting the World". Forum on Hans Sloane (26/6/2017)

play button James Delbourgo (Rutgers University) (podcasts, 1h 03' 49")

Workshop: The Author – Wanted, Dead or Alive. New perspectives on the concept of authorship, 1700-1900 (5-6/6/2017)

play buttonJ. P. McDermott (Cambridge University), Off the Pedestal? Authorship in China, 1800-1950 (podcast, 1h 09' 33")

play buttonWill Slauter (Université Paris Diderot), Does News Have an Author? The Recurring Debate over Copyright for News (podcast, 49' 25")

Lecture: Imperial/Tsarist Space of Power in Russia, 1990s-2010s (24/5/2017) 

play button Ekaterina Boltunova (Higher School of Economics, Moscow) (podcast, 35' 14")

Ursula Hirschmann Lecture: Capital, Care and Progressive Neoliberalism: A Feminist Dialogue (16/3/2017)

play button Nancy Fraser (The New School for Social Research, New York) (podcast, 1h 01' 58")

Lecture: Freudianism and the 20th Century Left (15/3/2017)

play button Eli Zaretsky (The New School for Social Research, New York) (podcast, 51' 57")

Lecture: How to Represent Conflicts on the Politics of Nature? (14/2/2017)

play button Bruno Latour (SciencesPo, Paris) (podcast, 54' 36")

Lecture: Ming China disintegrated. The Chances and Pitfalls of the Global View (6/2/2017)

play button Dagmar Schäfer (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin) (podcast 48' 39")

Conference: Economic Issues of the Early Modern Period. Business Enterprises, Spaces, Markets (24-26/11/2016)

play buttonPresentations by Luca Molà, Dieter Schlenker and Christa Von Salviati; Mathieu Arnoux; Jacques Bottin; Maddalena Taglioli; Kurt Weissen; David Igual Luis; Serena Galasso; Mathieu Harsch; Clément Lenoble; Sophie Desrosiers; Mathieu Arnoux and Franco Franceschi; Dominique Cardon and Ingrid Houssaye Michienzi; Sophie Desrosiers and Suzanne Lassalle; Joana Sequeira; Ingrid Houssaye Michienzi; Agnès Pallini-Martin; Romain Saffré; Jim Bolton and Francesco Guidi Bruscoli; Jacques Bottin. (podcasts)

Lecture: After Serfdom and Slavery. Intellectual Legacies and Cultural Memories (25/10/2016) 

play button Irina Prokhorova (New Literary Observer) (podcast 1h 34' 12")

Academic year 2015-2016

Ursula Hirschmann Lecture: Notorious RBG (2/2/2016)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (US Supreme Court Justice)

youtube button Lecture (video, 1h 55' 05")

youtube button EUI Interview (video, 14' 15")

Lecture: Une histoire de l'histoire culturelle (28/9/2015)

play button Giovanni Levi (Universitá Ca' Foscari, Venezia) (podcast, 48' 14")

Conference: The Author's Hand and Printer's Mind (17-18/9/2015)

play button Roger Chartier (Collège de France), Closing speech (podcast, 58' 47")

Academic year 2013-2014

Conference: The Long Global Crisis c.1912-c.1922 (2-3/6/2014)

play buttonLaura Downs (EUI), Women, work and the transformation of state society relations during the First World War (podcast 46' 50")

play buttonRobert Gerwarth (University College Dublin), The Vanquished: Europe and the Aftermath of the Great War (podcast 40' 01")

Academic year 2011-2012

Colloquium: Partitions and the Making of Peoples (7/12/2011)

youtube button Omer Bartov (Brown University) and Jannis Panagiotidis (EUI) (video, 1h 06' 35") 

Lecture: Models of Mediterranean Modernity: The Perspective from the Longue Durée (3/10/2011)

youtube buttonEdmund Burke III (Fernand Braudel Fellow, EUI) (video, 48' 49")



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