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Barbara Margreta Oomen

Fernand Braudel Fellow

from 1 September 2016 to 1 July 2017

Postal address: Department of Law | Via Bolognese 156 | 50139 Florence | Italy 

Villa Salviati - Office SACA 414, Corpo Centrale


Barbara Margreta Oomen

She is chair in the Sociology of Human Rights at Utrecht University, and previously held a chair in Legal Pluralism at the University of Amsterdam. Until July 2016 she was the Dean of University College Roosevelt, one of the first Liberal Arts and Sciences colleges in the Netherlands. She has published extensively on the interplay between law, culture and society, particularly where it concerns human rights. Recent books are Global Urban Justice: the rise of human rights cities (CUP, 2016, with M. Davis and M. Grigolo) and Rights for others: the slow-home-coming of human rights in the Netherlands. She sits on the Advisory Board of the Netherlands Human Rights Institute, the Netherlands Helsinki Committee and the Foundation Freedom Lectures, and for many years chaired the Netherlands Platform on Human Rights Education. She is also an international expert in the IAP on Human Rights Integration.


Research while at the EUI

At the EUI prof. Oomen will continue her pioneering work on human rights cities, with a focus on third-country migrants. The refugee crisis poses Europe with one of its largest challenges since WWII, to which local governments, like cities, have responded very differently. Little is known, however, about the formal obligations of local governments in this field and their actual practice. For this reason, Barbara Oomen will look into the formal legal obligations of European municipalities with regards to the human rights of migrants, how these correspond to local practice and how this informs theories of European constitutionalism. The project combines legal and socio-legal research and will yield three peer-reviewed articles that provide both insight in this important field and theoretical innovation.

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