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Thomas Roethe

Professor of Law

PhotoThomasRoetheAppointed in September 2016. Contract until August 2018.

Thomas Roethe's research interests include the seismographic monitoring of the European legal project in motion, especially in the sector of matching or even gruelling regulation and citizens/consumers. He works empirically with the method of ‘Objective Hermeneutics’ in legal sociology, which leads to an analysis of understanding social truth and deviant reality. Qualitative basic measurement on behalf of natural protocols in reconstructing latent structures of meaning allow a deep insight into the legal discourse between normative desiderata and factual results. The ERLP project, together with the research students, has created a huge amount of data that further needs to be hoisted as a treasure.The interest in necessary and unavoidable ‘micro studies’, sentence by sentence, and sequence by sequence, in verification of what should be; and practical structures in regulation in the real world, as well as the investigation of general convictions, display a widespread field in officially meant norms and actual practical results.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected] 

Working Languages: English, German


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