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Researchers admitted in September 2011


Sara Andersen


Ph.D. research: Towards International Human Rights Implementation in Global Corporate Governance: A Comparative Study of United States, England and Denmark

Supervisor: G. Monti


Jonathan ANDREW (UK) 

Ph.D. research: Reframing Privacy in the Realm of Enhanced Visual Surveillance

Supervisor: D. Curtin


Masa Anisic


Masa ANISIC (CR)  

LL.M. research: The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and European Disability Law: Assessing Competence and Transposition in the Field of Employment

Supervisor: C. Kilpatrick



Teimuraz ANTELAVA (GEO)  

Ph.D. research: Theoretical and Operational Aspects of the Non-Contractual Dimension of International Law

Supervisor: M. Scheinin


Cristina Blasi Casagran.


Ph.D. research: Towards a global data protection framework in the field of law enforcement. An EU perspective

Supervisor: M. Cremona

Internal Advisor: G. Sartor


Tim Bruyninckx


Ph.D. research: How Can State Aid Law and Public Procurement Law Enhance Each Other's Effectiveness?

Supervisor: G. Monti


Marta Cantero Gamito.


Ph.D. research: Towards the Self-Sufficency in European Regulatory Private Law. The Case of European Telecommunications Services Law 

Supervisor: H. Micklitz


Carlo Cantore

Carlo CANTORE (IT)  

Ph.D. research: Prudential Measures and Trade on Financial Services

Supervisor: P. Mavroidis 


Jonathan Chevry 

Jonathan CHEVRY (FR) 

Ph.D. research: Investor-State Tribunals & International Trade Law

Supervisor: P. Mavroidis



Rónán CONDON (IE) 

Ph.D. research: The Transformation of Liability in the Market

Supervisor: H. Micklitz



Emmanuel DE GROOF (BE)

Ph.D. research: Interim governance in conflict-riven states: towards a ius gentium in interregno for regulating states in transition

Supervisor: F. Francioni


Michail Dekastros

Michail DEKASTROS (GR)  

Ph.D. research: Sovereign Wealth Funds in International Economic Law

Supervisor: P. Mavroidis


James Devaney 

James DEVANEY (UK)   

Ph.D research: The International Court of Justice and Approaches to Fact-Finding before International Courts and Tribunals

Supervisor: M. Scheinin


Jerzy Dudek 

Jerzy DUDEK (PL)   

Ph.D. research: EU external energy policy

Supervisor: M. Cremona


Hanna Eklund 

Hanna EKLUND (SE)  

Ph.D. research: National Margins of Discretion in the Court of Justice of the European Union’s Adjudication of Fundamental Rights: Studies of Interconnectedness

Supervisor: C. Kilpatrick




Ph.D. research: Coherence in EU external relations and the law: The case of the CFSP-development cooperationnexus in the Union’s action in Somalia

Supervisor: M. Cremona 


Michèle Finck 

Michèle FINCK (LUX)  

LL.M. research: Regional Taxation and State Aid Control

Supervisor: G. Monti




Ph.D. research: Droits sociaux fondamentaux et compétition des modes de régulation en matière sociale dans l'Union européenne

Supervisor: C. Kilpatrick



Alexandre Skander GALAND (BE)

Ph.D. research: Conflicts of Norms in Situations Referred to the International Criminal Court by the Security Council

Supervisor: M. Scheinin


Marion Guerrero 

Marion GUERRERO (AT)  

Ph.D. research: Lawyering for LGBT Rights in Europe. “Windows of Opportunity” for Strategic Litigation at the CJEU and the ECtHR 

Supervisor: C. Kilpatrick


Emily Hancox

Emily HANCOX (UK)  

LL.M. research: The Scope of EU Fundamental Rights

Supervisor: L. Azoulai


Yuting Hua 

Yuting HUA (CN)  

Ph.D. research: China’s Legal Obligations in the Field of Foreign Investment: How trade agreements influence the form of Investment Agreements?

Supervisor: P. Mavroidis


Johanna Jacobsson


Ph.D. research: Preferentialism in services trade: An interpretation of the WTO rules and their application to the European Union’s trade agreements in the field of services

Supervisor: P. Mavroidis


Betül Kas 

Betül KAS (DE) 

Ph.D. research: A socio-legal study on the operation of hybrid remedies in the area of European social regulation

Supervisor: H. Micklitz


Johann Leiß 

Johann LEISS (DE) 

LL.M. research: Constitutionalization in the Aftermath of Kadi: Finding a Bridge over Troubled Water

Supervisor: M. Cremona


Emma Linklater



Ph.D. research: The Creative Industry of European Law and its Impact on Book Publishing

Supervisor: G. Monti


Maria Lourenço 


Ph.D. research: "Out of Principle" - The CJEU and its Principle-Based Reasoning 

Supervisor: L. Azoulai 


Ewa Marcisz


LL.M. research: Human Rights Protection against Private Law Expropriation  

Supervisor: F. Cafaggi



Anna- Alexandra MARHOLD (NL)

Ph.D. research: The World Trade Organization and the Regulation of International Energy Trade: The Challenge to GATT it Right

Supervisor: P. Mavroidis


Franck McNamara 

Frank McNAMARA (IE)  

Ph.D. research: Externalised and Privatised Procedures of EU Migration Control and Border Management - A Study of EU Member State Control and Legal Responsibility 

Supervisor: L. Azoulai



Marja-Liisa ÖBERG (EST) 

Ph.D. research: Expanding the EU internal market without enlarging the Union: Constitutional limitations

Supervisor: M. Cremona




Ph.D. research: Migrant Domestic Workers in Europe

Supervisor: C. Kilpatrick 


Benedita Queiroz 

Benedita QUEIROZ (PT)

Ph.D. research: The concept of illegality in European Union migration Law 

Supervisor: L. Azoulai


Vincent Reveillere 


Ph.D. research: Le juge et le travail des concepts juridiques. Le cas de la citoyenneté de l'Union européenne  

Supervisor: L. Azoulai


Philipp Sahm

Philipp SAHM (DE)

LL.M. research: Paradoxophilia - Imaginary Invalid or Chronic Disease? An analysis of paradoxicality in legal decisions

Supervisor: D. Patterson


Malorie Schaus 

Malorie SCHAUS (BE) 

Ph.D. research: Measure in WTO law

Supervisor: P. Mavroidis


Jan Trommer 


Ph.D. research: The Horizontal Effect of EU Law in the case-law of the Court of Justice of the EU

Supervisor: L. Azoulai


Jacobien Van Dorp 

Jacobien Elisabeth VAN DORP (NL)

Ph.D. research: Attaining Understanding in Legal Practice Across Different Contexts; the Problems and Challenges

Supervisor: D. Patterson


Barend van Leeuwen 


Ph.D. research: Convergence in Private Law through European Standardisation of Services

Supervisor: H. Micklitz


Marcos Vara Jacobo 


LL.M. research: Impunity and Justice: Immunities from Jurisdiction in International Law

Supervisor: F. Francioni


Jan Zglinski 


Ph.D. research: Europe's Passive Virtues: The Margin of Appreciation in EU Free Movement Law 

Supervisor: J.H.H. Weiler

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