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Researchers admitted in September 2013




Ph.D. research: New Technologies and the Right to Freedom of Assembly and Association

Supervisor: M. Scheinin


Yitshak Oriel Itsiq BENIZRI (BE)

LL.M. research: The independence of the judges of the Court of Justice with regard to the legal maxim : "Justice must not only be done, it must also appear to be done"

Supervisor: L. Azoulai



Ph.D. research: Beyond executive federalism - the judicial crafting of the law of composite administrative decision-making

Supervisor: D.Curtin



Ph.D. research: Gender and the separate spheres tradition in Romania's evolving legal system

Supervisor: R. Rubio Marin


Alessandro BUSCA (IT)

Ph.D. research: The Fiscal Compact of Eurozone Member States - A Legitimacy and Efficiency Assessment of the Fiscal Compact and Alternative Routes of Budget Constraints

Supervisor: S. Grundmann


Federica COPPOLA (IT)

Ph.D. research: The Moral Brain and the Guilty Mind: Towards an Emotion-oriented General Theory of Culpability informed by the Neuroscience of Moral Decision-Making and Antisocial Behavior

Supervisor: D. Patterson


Delphine Aurélie Laurence DEFOSSEZ (BE)

LL.M. research: The impact that the Single European Sky Regulation has on the intra-states relations and its desirability

Supervisor: G. Sartor


Dieneke DE VOS (NL)

Ph.D. research: Complementarity’s Gender Justice Prospects and Limitations

Supervisor: R. Rubio Marin



Ph.D. research: Judicial Articulation of Redistributive Conflicts in the EU

Supervisor: L.Azoulai


Céline ESTAS (BE)

LL.M. research: Analyse de l'évolution de la division public-privé dans la réglementation des agences de notation dans l'Union européenne

Supervisor: S. Grundmann


Anna Katharina FLEISCHER (DE)

LL.M. research: Rapid Alert Systems as instruments of governmental action

Supervisor: H.-W. Micklitz


Pavlina HUBKOVA (CZ)

LL.M. research: Economic Reasoning in the Court of Justice of the EU - A Study on the Use of Economics in Competition Case-Law

Supervisor: G. Monti



Ph.D. research: Transparency and Dispute Settlement: Complements or Substitutes? A Study of the Agreements on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures and Technical Barriers to Trade

Supervisor: P. Mavroidis



Ph.D. research: Understanding the Organization of Transnational Legal Advocacy in Europe

Supervisor: C. Kilpatrick


Vivian KUBE (DE)

Ph.D. research: The EU’s human rights obligations towards the wider world and the international investment regime. Making the promise enforceable.

Supervisor: M. Cremona


Aleksei KUZMIN (RUS)

LL.M. research: Europeanization of Soviet legal culture in construction industry: a comparative study of Russia, Bulgaria and Romania

Supervisor: S. Grundmann



Ph.D. research: Paradigms of capital: the legal framing of economic problems in post-liberalization India

Supervisor: S. Grundmann


Sofie Christine MØLLER (DK)

Ph.D. research: Quid juris? A study of the juridical metaphors in Immanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason

Supervisor: D. Patterson


Przemyslaw PALKA (PL)

Ph.D. research: Virtual Property. Towards a General Theory

Supervisor: G. Sartor


Stavros-Evdokimos PANTAZOPOULOS (GR)

Ph.D. research: Protecting the Environment against the Impacts of an Armed Conflict

Supervisor: N. Bhuta



Ph.D. research: A pluralist perspective on the antitrust and IP interface

Supervisor: G. Monti



Ph.D. research: The integration of healthcare quality under a competition law analysis: current challenges and proposals for further development

Supervisor: G. Monti



LL.M. research: The EU: Legitimacy through Legality?

Supervisor: L. Azoulai


Katarzyna Marita SZREDER (PL)

Ph.D. research: Fostering innovation at the competition - patent intersection in Europe: strengthening the process in search for more balanced substantive results

Supervisor: G. Monti



Ph.D. research: EU law and the Extensive Judicial Interpretation of Criminal Norms. On the relevance of the principle of 'nullum crimen sine praevia lege' in the EU legal order and the limits on extensive judicial interpretation of criminal norms to the accused's detriment

Supervisor: B. De Witte   External co-supervisor: P.H. van Kempen



Ph.D. research: Formation of Customary Human Rights Obligations

Supervisor: N. Bhuta


Marinus Jacobus VAN DEN BRINK (NL)

Ph.D. research: The Authority of Legislation within the EU. An Exploration of the Connection between Legitimate Authority, Legislative Rules and Text in the Context of EU Citizenship Law

Supervisor: C. Kilpatrick




LL.M. research: The merits, problems and limits of the trend towards a "consensual competition law" within the European Union - A comparative analysis of the commitment decision policies in Germany, France and the United Kingdom

Supervisor: G. Monti



Ph.D. research: The Right of the Parents to Educate their Children in Accordance with their Religious Beliefs and the Rights of the Child

Supervisor: M. Scheinin


Andrew WRIGHT (UK)

LL.M. research: An examination of the extent to which actors should have to respect each other's internal market rights and the sense of the public/private distinction in EU internal market law.

Supervisor: S. Grundmann

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