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Researchers admitted in September 2017

Hannah Mirjam ADZAKPA_cropped

Hannah Mirjam ADZAKPA (DE)

Ph.D. research: Fulfilling the International Human Right to a Social Minimum in Europe: A fuzzy-set Qualitative Comparative Analysis 

Supervisor: Prof. Claire Kilpatrick

Co-supervisor: Prof. Ive Marx

Yussef AL TAMIMI_cropped


Ph.D. research: The Sense of Belonging in Human Rights Law. A Legal and Theoretical Inquiry Into the Notion of Identity in Strasbourg Case Law

Supervisor: Prof. Martin Scheinin

Sophia AYADA_cropped

Sophia AYADA (FR)

Ph.D. research: Women and Work in the European Jurisprudence

Supervisor: Prof. Urška Šadl

Martin CHRISTENSEN_cropped 


Ph.D. research: The Use of External Judicial Decisions Among Regional Human Rights Courts

Supervisor: Prof. Martin Scheinin

Margherita CORNAGLIA_cropped 

Margherita CORNAGLIA (IT)

LL.M. research: The Clash Between Human Rights and EU Fundamental Freedoms in the ECJ’s Jurisprudence – Moving Away from a Proportionality-Based Assessment to an Integrated Economic Approach

Supervisor: Prof. Hans-W. Micklitz

Alessia D'AMICO_cropped

Alessia D'AMICO (IT)

Ph.D. research: Consumer Disempowerment: The Role of Competition Law and Beyond

Supervisor: Prof. Giorgio Monti

Nikita DIVISSENKO_cropped 


Ph.D. research: How to optimize the regulation of innovative markets? An example of EU retail payments market

Supervisor: Prof. Giorgio Monti

Sophie Alix Claudia DUROY DE SUDUIRAUT_cropped 


Ph.D. research: International Legal Accountability for States Intelligence Activities

Supervisor: Prof. Martin Scheinin

Giovanna GILLERI_cropped 

Giovanna GILLERI (IT)

Ph.D. research: A Gendered Human Rights Analysis of Medical Sexing Interventions upon Intersex Children

Supervisor: Prof. Martin Scheinin

Johannes GRAF VON LUCKNER_cropped 


LL.M. research: The European Patent with Unitary Effect – Lessons to be Learned from the 2nd Enhanced Cooperation Attempt

Supervisor: Prof. Deirdre Curtin

Catriona Clare HARRIS_cropped 

Catriona Clare HARRIS (GB)

LL.M. research: Preventing Synecdoche: The Discriminatory Effect of Counter-Terrorism in Europe

Supervisor: Prof. Claire Kilpatrick

Dima HUSSAIN_cropped 


Ph.D. research: Traditional Conflict Resolution in Syria: Tribal Sulha and Post-Crisis Truces and Reconciliations

Supervisor: Prof. Nehal Bhuta

Timothy Craig JACOB-OWENS_cropped 

Timothy Craig JACOB-OWENS (GB)

Ph.D. research: Language rights and 'new' minorities in Europe

Supervisor: Prof. Gábor Halmai

Arpitha KODIVERI_cropped 


Ph.D. research: The Right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) of forest-dwelling communities and Mining in India- Legal Mobilisation and the Developmental State

Supervisor: Prof. Peter Drahos

Philipp Franz KONZETT_cropped

Philipp Franz KONZETT (AT)

LL.M. research: Apple's Double Irish and the Respective Commission's State  Aid Decision - A Critical Analysis of Apple's Tax Saving System and the Reasoning of the Commission's Decision

Supervisor: Prof. Giorgio Monti

Gonzalo LARREA_cropped 

Gonzalo LARREA (ES)

Ph.D. research: Transnational Climate Governance in War Times

Supervisor: Prof. Joanne Scott

Kerttuli Kareniina LINGENFELTER_cropped 

Kerttuli Kareniina LINGENFELTER (FI)

LL.M. research: The Relationship Between Slavery, Sexual Slavery and Human Trafficking in International Criminal Law

Supervisor: Prof. Martin Scheinin

Lucía LÓPEZ ZURITA_cropped 


Ph.D. research: The individual in EU Law: A Quest for Fundamental/Identity Rights in the Three Legal Orders

Supervisor: Prof. Urška Šadl

Stefan Alexandru LUCA_cropped 

Stefan Alexandru LUCA (RO)

Ph.D. research: Regulatory Principles for Digital Platforms in a Deliberative Democracy

Supervisor: Prof. Peter Drahos

Matilda Aurora MERENMIES_cropped 

Matilda Aurora MERENMIES (FI)

Ph.D. research: The Margin of Appreciation Doctrine in European Court of Human Rights Jurisprudence – A Feminist Perspective

Supervisor: Prof. Martin Scheinin

Rebecca MUNRO_cropped 

Rebecca MUNRO (GB)

Ph.D. research: Mobilising against cuts: An assessment of the interaction between Civil Society Organisations and international institutions in an Age of Austerity

Supervisor: Prof. Claire Kilpatrick

Mario PAGANO_cropped 


Ph.D. research: Overcoming Plaumann in EU environmental law: an analysis of ENGOs’ judicial and extra-judicial mobilisation pathways

Supervisor: Prof. Joanne Scott

Nastazja POTOCKA-SIONEK_cropped 


Ph.D. research: Labour Rights in Gig Economy

Supervisor: Prof. Claire Kilpatrick

Lazar RADIC_cropped 


Ph.D. research: Competition Law and Policy in the Countries of the Former Yugoslavia: Past, Present, and Future

Supervisor: Prof. Giorgio Monti

Evgenia RALLI_cropped 

Evgenia RALLI (GR)

Ph.D. research: Tackling the Challenge of Shadow Banking Through Criminal Law in the EU - A Need of a Move Towards Harmonisation at the EU Level?

Supervisor: Prof. Hans-W. Micklitz

Julian SCHOLTES_cropped 


Ph.D. research: Towards a Theory of Constitutional Identity Abuse

Supervisor: Prof. Gábor Halmai

Konstantinos SERDARIS_cropped 

Konstantinos SERDARIS (GR)

Ph.D. research: Rethinking the balance of interests in EU capital markets law - a normative assessment of the new information paradigm in investment-based crowdfunding

Supervisor: Prof. Stefan Grundmann

Smita SHAH_cropped 

Smita SHAH (GB)

 Ph.D. research: Children on Trial Before Military Courts and Article 40 of the UN CRC

Supervisor: Prof. Urška Šadl

Tianying SONG_cropped 

Tianying SONG (CN)

Ph.D. research: Legal Goods Protected by War Crimes

Supervisor: Prof. Nehal Bhuta

Mike VIDELER_cropped 


Ph.D. research: The Construction of Factual Truth in International Adjudication: Evidence, Language and Interpretation

Supervisor: Prof. Nehal Bhuta

Aurélie Anne VILLANUEVA_cropped 

Aurélie Anne VILLANUEVA (FR)

Ph.D. research: The Challenges of the Europeanisation of Social Justice: Towards the Construction of a European Identity Rather than a Uniformisation of National Values?

Supervisor: Prof. Hans-W. Micklitz

Nico Roman WEBER_cropped 

Nico Roman WEBER (DE/LU)

Ph.D. research: Structures of Recognition - Rethinking International Law in Terms of Hegelian Intersubjectivity

Supervisor: Prof. Nehal Bhuta

Rebecca WILLIAMS_cropped


Ph.D. research: The Governance of the Beef and Dairy Industry and its impacts on Climate Change

Supervisor: Prof. Joanne Scott

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