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Researchers admitted in September 2014


Adams 4


Zoe Louise ADAMS (UK)

LL.M. research: Reconceptualising the market - a new approach to European social policy and the scope of labour law - from legal origins and deregulation to a capabilities perspective

Supervisor: C. Kilpatrick

Alaatinoglu 6



Ph.D. research: Changing Notions of Rights, State Responsibility and Reparations: the case of involuntary sterilisation and castration in Europe

Supervisor: R. Rubio Marin




Ph.D. research: Beyond Kelsen: Reassessing the Constitutional Courts in Europe

Supervisor: D. Patterson

Book 2.2


Birte Annika BÖÖK (DE)

Ph.D. research: International Norm Conflicts Through the Lens of Alexy's Principles Theory

Supervisor: M. Scheinin

Cantekin 2



Ph.D. research: Software as a service: users' rights in the cloud

Supervisor: G. Sartor 


Iftach COHEN (IL)

LL.M. research: Israeli judges in a Jewish state and the decline of Refugee Protection

Supervisor: De Bruycke  (R. Rubio Marin internal advisor) 

Chavez 2



Ph.D. research: The Effectiveness of Non-Pecuniary Remedy Orders: A comparative study of the European and Inter-American Human Rights Systems

Supervisor: M. Scheinin


Kristina CUFAR (SL)

Ph.D. research: How Does a-Law Fare: a Call for a Theory Less Pure

Supervisor: N. Bhuta

Mozos 2



Ph.D. research: SMEs in supply chains: towards consumer-like protection?

Supervisor: H.-W. Micklitz

Derrig 2


Ríán Tuathal DERRIG (IE) 

Ph.D. research: Law, Science and Policy at Yale: An Intellectual History of the New Haven School of International Law

Supervisor: N. Bhuta

Deutscher 2


Elias Raphael Caspar DEUTSCHER (DE)

Ph.D. research: The transformation of the conceptual link between competition law and democracy

Supervisor: G. Monti

Reiter 2


Esther Nancy Katharina DRABKIN-REITER (UK)

LL.M. research: The Europeanisation of administrative law: recent developments in doctrines of legitimate expectations in English and German law

Supervisor: L. Azoulai 

Drazewski 2



Ph.D. research: Fair use in Europe: Harmonization in the digital age

Supervisor: G. Sartor

Esposito 2


Fabrizio ESPOSITO (IT)

Ph.D. research: Law and Economics without Overall Welfare: An Inquiry in EU Consumer and Market Policies

Supervisor: S. Grundmann



Ph.D. research: Can the Courts of the EU become effective desegregate Courts? - The case of the Roma

Supervisor: C. Kilpatrick

Haag 2


Maria Florentia HAAG (DE)

Ph.D. research: Member State Responsibility for the Citizen and the Person in EU Law.

SupervisorD. Curtin 

Herting 2



Ph.D. research: Gendering the subject of law: A feminist critique of the subject of law

Supervisor: R. Rubio Marin

Idelberger 2



Ph.D. research: Code as para-national "soft law" in decentralized technologies and its relation to traditional law

Supervisor: G. Sartor

Iurlaro 2


Francesca IURLARO (IT)

Ph.D. research: Unpuzzling custom. A genealogy of the concept of customary international law from natural law to opinio iuris.

Supervisor: N. Bhuta 

Johnson 2 

Christopher James JOHNSON (UK)

LL.M. research: How did the financial crisis affect mergers between banks?

Supervisor: G. Monti 

Yilmaz 2


Zeynep ŞIMŞEK (TR)

Ph.D. research: Liability of the Multitude: From Lynching to Revolution

Supervisor: N. Bhuta

Bouza 2


Oscar Alberto LEMA BOUZA (ES)

Ph.D. research: Towards a comprehensive system of kin minority governance in Europe

Supervisor: B. De Witte

Makris 2


Stavros MAKRIS (GR)

Ph.D. research: A value pluralistic perspective towardsArticle 102

Supervisor: G. Monti 

Martinelli 2


Thibault Pierre Ghislain MARTINELLI (BE)

Ph.D. research: The EU constiutitional framework and inter se agreements

Supervisor: B. De Witte

Meyer 2


Wendelin August MAYER (DE)

LL.M. research: The referral system of Art. 9 I Regulation (EC) No 2157/2001 – a model for the further development of European Private Law?

Supervisor: S. Grundmann

Masol 2


Sergii MASOL (UA)

Ph.D. research: The impact of human rights on the decision-making by international criminal tribunals

Supervisor: M. Scheinin

Nannery 2



LL.M. research: The interaction of human rights bodies with loan conditionality: a euro-crisis approach

Supervisor: C. Kilpatrick

Noguier 1



Ph.D. research: Reverse Payment Settlements in Pharmaceutical Patent Litigation: Inquiry on the Effectiveness and the Legitimacy of Competition Law Enforcement 

Supervisor: G. Monti 


Liiri OJA (EE)

Ph.D. research: Who is the 'woman' in human rights law: Narratives of Women's Bodies and Sexuality in Reproduction Jurisprudence

Supervisor: M. Scheinin

Osella 2


Stefano OSELLA (IT)

Ph.D. research: Controlling Sexuality? Gender Assignment, Reproduction and Parenthood in Europe

Supervisor: R. Rubio Marin

Passalacqua 2



Ph.D. research: Mobilizing EU Law Judges for migrants’ rights

Supervisor: B. De Witte

Petersmann 2


Marie-Catherine PETERSMANN (CH)

Ph.D. research: Human Rights and the Environment: The Conflicting Dimension

Supervisor: N. Bhuta

Petti 2


Alessandro PETTI (IT)

LL.M. research: EMU Inter-se Agreements: A Laboratory for Thinking about Associative Institutionalism

Supervisor: M. Cremona

Rama 2


Pilvi Tuulia RÄMÄ (FI) 

Ph.D. research: Can Your Conscience be Your Guide? A study on the European legal approach to the freedom of conscience and conscientious objection in the context of employment

Supervisor: M. Scheinin

Bazaga 2



Ph.D. research: Linking processes and structures of interaction between legal systems and european governance

Supervisor: D. Curtin

Smolenska 2


Agnieszka SMOLENSKA (PL)

Ph.D. research: The (EU) Multinational Bank in Resolution - between Stability and Competition

Supervisor: S. Grundmann

Meerssche 2



Ph.D. research: Competence creep within international organizations: the World Bank and the concept 'Rule of Law'

Supervisor: N. Bhuta


Vatsov 2


Mihail VATSOV (UK)

LL.M. research: The Mackerel War: evolution of the external enforcement of the Common Fisheries Policy

Supervisor: M. Cremona

Vicini 2


Giulia VICINI (IT)

LL.M. research: The interaction between International Human Rights and International Refugee Law: Exploring the legal basis for the protection of refugees 

Supervisor: N. Bhuta


Viorica VITA (MD/RO)

Ph.D. research: The rise of conditionality in the EU.

SupervisorC. Kilpatrick

Weller 2


Pauline Margarete Sophie WELLER (DE)

Ph.D. research: The Accommodation of Religious Minority Beliefs in Prisons in Germany and the United States - A Transatlantic Comparison.

Supervisor: Gábor Halmai

External co-supervisor: R. Rubio Marin

Xenidis 2


Raphaële Mathilde Vassiliki XENIDIS (FR)

Ph.D. research: Intersectionality: towards a sounder antidiscrimination approach in the European Human Rights Community?

Supervisor: C. Kilpatrick

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