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Researchers admitted in September 2020

Henriet BAAS (NLD)

Ph.D. research: Exclusive Equality? Third-Country-Nationals' Equal Access to Social Rights under EU Law

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Claire Kilpatrick


LL.M. research: Extending the concept of consumer to minority shareholder: a new scenario for private enforcement

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Mathias Siems


Ph.D. research: Below the ECJ’s Radar: How the Non-referring Majority of National Courts Approach Procedural Autonomy

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Urška Šadl

Antonino CIRILLO (ITA)

Ph.D. research: Accountability and review in the global space: which guarantees against ICANN’s administrative action?

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Peter Drahos


LL.M. research: The CJEU and a ‘jurisprudence of crisis-management’: Influenced by and Influencing Political Developments?  

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Urška Šadl


Ph.D. research: The comprehensive dimension of post-Lisbon trade agreements and its in-depth effect on the liberalisation of trade in services

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Jürgen Kurtz

Yeliz Figen DOKER (TUR)

Ph.D. researchA Hybrid Solution to Artificial Intelligence Regulation: implementing ethics through a bottom-up approach via Virtual Platforms (Video Games)

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Giovanni Sartor

Alexandra DUBOVA (SVK)

Ph.D. research: Immigration Detention and Vulnerable Subject

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Sarah Nouwen


Ph.D. research: Judge as a lawmaker. Comparative studies in private law within the framework of legal pluralism. France, Poland and EU Legal Order

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Mathias Siems


Ph.D. research: Standards of causation in international environmental disputes: A normative and empirical assessment

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Joanne Scott

Franca Maria FEISEL (DEU)

Ph.D. research: Militant Democracy in Regional Integration Organisations: The challenge of whether and how not to tolerate the intolerant Member State

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Martijn Hesselink 

Susi Rosalind FORDERER (DEU)

Ph.D. research: The Constitutional Relationship Between EU Member States: The Role of Equality among Member States

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Martijn Hesselink 


Ph.D. research: Constitutional pluralism: the role of a dialogue between national constitutional courts and the Court of Justice of the European Union

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Gábor Halmai

Christian Christfort GORMSEN (DNK)

Ph.D. research: Citizenship revisited: Do we need it? Exploring the tensions between the constitutions of Member States and the EU

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Sarah Nouwen 



LL.M. research: An Intellectual Property Rights Approach to Data Disclosure (provisional)

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Nicolas Petit

Matthias HALLER (ITA)

LL.M. research: Publication of Personal Information of Public Interest: Finding the Right Balance Between Transparency and Data Protection

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Deirdre Curtin


Hilary HOGAN (IRL)

Ph.D. research: What should constitutional democracies learn from populism?

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Gábor Halmai

Felix Jonathan JANOUSEK (DEU)

LL.M. research: Efficiency and effectiveness in European Contract Law - How can the Regulation 261/2004 make sure that airplanes land on time?

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Martijn Hesselink 


Ph.D. research: Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights in border and immigration control: a comparative study of the E.U. and the U.S. policies

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Deirdre Curtin


Ph.D. research: Regulating the use of Artificial Intelligence for automated decision-making

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Deirdre Curtin


Ph.D. research: Market definition for digital multi-sided platforms under EU Competition Law

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Nicolas Petit

Aikaterini ORFANIDI (GRC)

Ph.D. research: Non-standard work in the European Union: the precariousness perspective 

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Claire Kilpatrick



Ph.D. research: Consent and power: the individual dimension in Article 102 TFEU

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Nicolas Petit


Ph.D. research: The Role of International Law in Managing Conflicts over Marine Living Resources – A Sociological Examination of Fisheries Law

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Joanne Scott


Ph.D. research: Challennges and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence for a meaningful human rights protection

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Giovanni Sartor

Niklas Sebastian REETZ (DEU)

Ph.D. research: Use of Force in a Changing Climate

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Neha Jain

Anthony Douglas ROSBOROUGH (CAN)

Ph.D. research: The Myth of Technological Neutrality: Shifting Copyright Objectives in the Post-Ownership Paradigm

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Peter Drahos 

Adrian RUBIO (ESP)

Ph.D. research: Multilevel Administrative Law in the EU: Understanding the Interplay between Undetermined Concepts and Discretionary Acts through Public Order30

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Deirdre Curtin

Vendela Sofia Kristine RUPP (SWE)

LL.M. research: The Use of Private Security and Military Contractors in EU Military Operations

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Deirdre Curtin

Maren Elisabeth SCHÖYEN (DEU)

Ph.D. research: The European Union as an Agent of Social Justice?

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Martijn Hesselink 


Ph.D. research: The Interpretation of Autonomous Concepts before the Court of Justice of the European Union and the Influence of their National Counterpart. A Legal-linguistic Perspective

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Urška Šadl 


Ph.D. research: Deference & Discretion:  A Multi-Dimensional Approach to the Judicial Review of Executive Decision-Making in the EU

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Deirdre Curtin

Ying SUN (CHN)

Ph.D. research:  Expansion of International Law - Study of the Underlying Reasons and New Inputs from the Practical Perspective 

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Sarah Nouwen


Ph.D. research: Making the Public Private in International Investment Law

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Jürgen Kurtz

Juliet-Nil URAZ (FRA-TUR)

LL.M. research: L'accès au droit comme chemin vers l'égalité, pratiques et réglementations, une perspective européenne

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Claire Kilpatrick



Ph.D. research: Strengthening State accountability for violations of cultural rights using international criminal law

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Neha Jain


Sara Jessica WISEMAN (GBR)

LL.M research: International Heritage Law and Human Diversity: A Case Study from Myanmar

Provisional Supervisor: Prof. Sarah Nouwen

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