Asymmetric cross-citations in private law : an empirical study of 28 supreme courts in the EU

Authors: D'ANDREA, Sabrina; DIVISSENKO, Nikita; FANOU, Maria; KRISZTIÁN, Anna; KUKAVICA, Jaka; POTOCKA-SIONEK, Nastazja; SIEMS, Mathias
Citation: Maastricht journal of European and comparative law, 2021, Vol. 28, No. 4, pp. 498-534
Year: 2021
Abstract: Recent years have seen a growing volume of research on citations between courts from different countries. This article fills a gap in the current …

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The garden grows lusher : completing the narratives on opinion 1/75

Author: KUKAVICA, Jaka
Citation: European papers, 2021, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp 621-631
Year: 2021
Abstract: In the European legal tradition, legal researches typically do not have access to court documents to the same extent as in the USA. This has …

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Voting with random classifiers (VORACE) : theoretical and experimental analysis

Authors: CORNELIO, Cristina; DONINI, Michele; LOREGGIA, Andrea; PINI, Maria Silvia; ROSSI, Francesca
Citation: Autonomous agents and multi-agent systems, 2021, Vol. 35, (Art. 22), OnlineFirst
Year: 2021
Abstract: In many machine learning scenarios, looking for the best classifier that fits a particular dataset can be very costly in terms of time and resources. …

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The instruments of Eurozone fiscal surveillance through the lens of the soft law/hard law dichotomy : looking for a new approach

Author: DERMINE, Paul
Citation: Journal of banking regulation, 2021, OnlineFirst
Year: 2021
Abstract: The past decade has profoundly reshaped the fiscal governance system of the Eurozone. Supranational prerogatives vis-à-vis State budgets have been …

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The CETA ICS and the autonomy of the EU legal order in opinion 1/17 : a compass for the future

Author: FANOU, Maria
Citation: Cambridge yearbook of European legal studies, 2020, Vol. 22, pp. 106-132
Year: 2020
Abstract: In April 2019, the Court of Justice of the EU (‘CJEU’) handed down its Opinion (C-1/17) on the compatibility of the Investment Court System (‘ICS’), …

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Citizenship stripping, fair procedures, and the separation of powers : a critical comment on Damache v Minister for Justice

Author: CASEY, Conor
Citation: The modern law review, 2021, OnlineFirst
Year: 2021
Abstract: Damache v Minister for Justice concerned a constitutional challenge to section 19 of the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act 1956. This section …

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If a machine could talk, we would not understand it : Canadian innovation and the copyright act’s TPM interoperability framework

Author: ROSBOROUGH, Anthony Douglas
Citation: Canadian journal of law and technology, 2021, Vol. 19, pp. 141-171
Year: 2021
Abstract: This analysis examines the legal implications of technological protection measures (“TPMs”) under Canada’s Copyright Act. Through embedded computing …

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Hate crimes against minorities in India : locating the value of an international criminal law discourse?

Author: VISWANATH, Raghavi
Citation: Journal of international criminal justice, 2021, OnlineFirst
Year: 2021
Abstract: Violence against Muslims and Dalits in India has drastically increased since the incumbent political party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), came to …

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