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Waiting for the barbarians : state theory, imperial order and the history of international law

Author: CHEN, Xiaohang
Citation: Peking university international and comparative law review, 2018, Vol. 15, No. 1, pp. 3-35
Year: 2018
Abstract: The emergence of 19th century positivist international law, was paralleled with the process in which“statehood” gradually took the dominate position…

Federalism and subnational legal mobilization : feminist litigation strategies in Salta, Argentina

Author: RUIBAL, Alba
Citation: Law and society review, 2018, Vol. 53, No. 3, pp. 928-959
Year: 2018
Abstract: This article draws from a qualitative study of feminist legal strategies in the province of Salta, Argentina, to put forth an argument about the…

Federalism, two-level games and the politics of abortion rights implementation in subnational Argentina

Author: RUIBAL, Alba
Citation: Reproductive health matters, 3028, Vol. 26, No. 54, pp. 137-144
Year: 2018
Abstract: The implementation of the 2012 Argentinean Supreme Court landmark ruling, which declared abortion legal in all cases of rape and established…

Inheritance of the social media accounts in Poland

Author: GROCHOWSKI, Mateusz Fabian
Citation: European review of private law, 2019, Vol. 27, No. 5, pp. 1195-1206
Year: 2019
Abstract: The challenges for the existing legal framework, entailed by the Internet revolution, to a growing extent tackle also on the problems of inheritance…

Scholars in self-estrangement (again) : rethinking the law of international organisations

Author: VAN DEN MEERSSCHE, Dimitri
Citation: London review of international law, 2017, Vol. 5, No. 3, pp. 455–480
Year: 2017

Performing the rule of law in international organizations : Ibrahim Shihata and the World Bank’s turn to governance reform

Author: VAN DEN MEERSSCHE, Dimitri
Citation: Leiden journal of international law, 2019, Vol. 32, No. 1, pp. 47-69
Year: 2019
Abstract: In recent years, the academic field of international institutional law has taken a clear ‘constitutional’ turn. In this normative endeavour, liberal…

The many-faced court : the value of participation in annulment proceedings

Author: KRAJEWSKI, Michał
Citation: European constitutional law review, 2019, OnlineFirst
Year: 2019
Abstract: Reporting about their activities, the EU Courts attach great importance to the efficiency of judicial proceedings. Little is known however about how…

The legal status of assisted human reproduction in Romania : a brief discussion on surrogacy

Author: BRODEALĂ, Elena
Citation: Revista Română de Drept Comparat, 2016, No. 1, pp. 56-74
Year: 2016
Abstract: This article discusses the legal situation of assisted reproduction in Romania. It explains the main legal provisions in this field and how assisted…
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