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Restructuring in the New EU Member States

Social Dialogue, Firms Relocation and Social Treatment of Restructuring

Edited by Marie-Ange Moreau and María Esther Blas López

P.I.E Peter Lang, 2009


Restructuring in the New EU Member StatesThis book presents a series of extremely stimulating analyses of the process of corporate restructuring in the new Member States of the EU.

Particularly noteworthy is the book's focus on the Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs) that have joined the EU since 2004, an area which has not been prominent in the research on corporate restructuring conducted in Western Europe in the last twenty years.

As with their Asian counterparts, these States have generally been perceived as a threat to employment in Western Europe due to the former's benefiting from outsourcing away from the latter.

By moving East, the book allows for a different perspective on the restructuring process, by placing it in the context of both Europe and the numerous changes affecting the CEECs.

The book examines the impact of European- and national-level policies on the concept of restructuring, the role of the «acquis communautaire», and the place of social and political actors in the process of change in the context of new Member States, where multinational firms have developed mobility and establishment strategies within the context of broader European and global ones.

The density of this collection, its wealth in terms of substantive teachings, and its use of a comparative and multidisciplinary approach that links law, political science, sociology and economics make it an essential resource for those wishing to understand restructuring in the European space after the enlargements of 2004 and 2007 and the impact of European policies and the European Social Model.

Table of Contents

  • Preface

(Annette Jobert)


  • Lights and Shadows of Restructurings in New Member States

(Marie-Ange Moreau and María Esther Blas López)

Part I. Industrial Relations and Reconstruction of Social Dialogue Structures in the New EU Member States

  • Restructuring in the Enlarged EU. What Effects on the Evolving World of Work?
    (Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead)
  • Resolving Liberalisation Dilemma. Labour Relations in East-Central Europe and the Impact of European Union
    (Katharina Bluhm)
  • Welfare States and Restructuring in Central and Eastern Europe
    (Maarten Keune)
  • The Impact of European Law on Regulating the Labour Law Dimension of Corporate Restructurings in Central and Eastern Europe
    (Nikolett Hös)

Part II. Firms Relocation and Social Treatment of Restructuring in the EU New member States

  • Production Relocation. Impacts on Home, Host and Cross-border Industrial Relations
    (Guglielmo Meardi and Michael Fichter)
  • Strategies of MNEs in Hungary
    (Yordanka Chobanova)
  • Managing Mass Dissimissals and High Unemployment - Employment Policies and Unemployment Compensation in Poland after 1989
    (Catherine Spieser)
  • Conclusions
    (Jean-Jacques Paris)

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