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Working Papers

The influence of CJEU judgments on Brazilian courts

Year: 2019
Abstract: This paper aims at discussing the influence of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) case-law on Brazilian jurisprudence or legislation.…

Negotiating the digital transformation of work : non-standard workers’ voice, collective rights and mobilisation practices in the platform economy

Author: ALOISI, Antonio
Year: 2019
Abstract: This paper attempts to grapple with the collective dimension of the phenomenon of the digital transformation of work. In particular, it explores the…

CLAUDETTE meets GDPR : automating the evaluation of privacy policies using Artificial Intelligence

Authors: CONTISSA, Giuseppe; DOCTER, Koen; LAGIOIA, Francesca; LIPPI, Marco; MICKLITZ, Hans-Wolfgang; PALKA, Przemyslaw; SARTOR, Giovanni; TORRONI, Paolo
Year: 2018
Abstract: This report contains preliminary results of the study aiming at automating legal evaluation of privacy policies, under the GDPR, using artificial…

Strict competition enforcement is the way forward : also to promote sustainable consumption and production

Author: LOOZEN, Edith
Year: 2018
Abstract: This article investigates the purpose and workings of EU competition law and policy. More specifically, it scrutinizes the claim that sustainable…

The Chinese social credit system : a model for other countries?

Authors: MAC SÍTHIGH, Daithí; SIEMS, Mathias
Year: 2019
Abstract: Many countries know financial consumer credit ratings, and recent years have also seen a proliferation of rating systems in relation to online…

How should the EU and other WTO members react to their WTO governance and WTO appellate body crises?

Author: PETERSMANN, Ernst-Ulrich
Year: 2018
Abstract: Since 2017, the United States (US) and other World Trade Organization (WTO) members violate their legal duties and democratic mandates given by…

How to reconcile human rights, trade law, intellectual property, investment and health law? : WTO dispute settlement panel upholds Australia’s plain packaging regulations of tobacco products

Author: PETERSMANN, Ernst-Ulrich
Year: 2018
Abstract: This comment on the legal findings of the four WTO panel reports of June 2018 on Australia's tobacco plain packaging (TPP) measures begins with a…

European networking and training for national competition enforcers ENTraNCE for judges 2017 : selected case notes

Authors: PARCU, Pier Luigi; MONTI, Giorgio
Year: 2018
Abstract: This working paper includes a collection of case notes written by the national judges who attended the European Networking and Training for National…
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