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Creating a legislative level playing field in business and human rights at the European level : is the French duty of vigilance law the way forward?

Author: BRIGHT, Claire
Year: 2020
Abstract: In recent years, the field of business and human rights has witnessed a shift from soft law to hard law, which has been taking place as a number of…

Illiberalism in East-Central Europe

Author: HALMAI, Gábor
Year: 2019
Abstract: In the paper I try to answer the question, whether there is a genuine constitutional theory of ‘illiberal constitutionalism,’ recently advocated in…

Can invocation of human rights enhance justice and social legitimacy in investment adjudication?

Author: PETERSMANN, Ernst-Ulrich
Year: 2019
Abstract: Justice, the customary law rules on treaty interpretation, and the universal recognition of human rights require construing international investment…

European law from the perspective of societal constitutionalism

Author: BAQUERO, Pablo Marcello
Year: 2019
Abstract: This paper proposes that societal constitutionalism, as elaborated by Gunther Teubner, provides a potential legal approach to understand the…

Same-sex spouses in the EU after Coman : more free movement, but what about marriage?

Authors: KOCHENOV, Dimitry; BELAVUSAU, Uladzislau
Year: 2019
Abstract: This paper provides a detailed critical analysis of the case of Coman, where the Court of Justice clarified that the meaning of the term ‘spouse’ in…

The influence of CJEU judgments on Brazilian courts

Year: 2019
Abstract: This paper aims at discussing the influence of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) case-law on Brazilian jurisprudence or legislation.…

Negotiating the digital transformation of work : non-standard workers’ voice, collective rights and mobilisation practices in the platform economy

Author: ALOISI, Antonio
Year: 2019
Abstract: This paper attempts to grapple with the collective dimension of the phenomenon of the digital transformation of work. In particular, it explores the…

CLAUDETTE meets GDPR : automating the evaluation of privacy policies using Artificial Intelligence

Authors: CONTISSA, Giuseppe; DOCTER, Koen; LAGIOIA, Francesca; LIPPI, Marco; MICKLITZ, Hans-Wolfgang; PALKA, Przemyslaw; SARTOR, Giovanni; TORRONI, Paolo
Year: 2018
Abstract: This report contains preliminary results of the study aiming at automating legal evaluation of privacy policies, under the GDPR, using artificial…
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