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Private Law and Theory – Economic Regulation and Governance

There is a strong interest within the Law Department in different substantive areas of private law encompassing adjoining areas of regulation. Notably, the regulation of financial services has played a prominent role among the research topics. Most research topics are combining a strong theoretical underpinning with the development and interpretation of substantive law solutions. In the department, a New Private Law Theory has been developed, strongly involving also current researchers and with particular emphasis on contracts, firms, digitalisation. The department is prominent as well for a very strong combination of private law and regulation. Outside the department, researchers enjoy the privilege of having in-depth training courses on financial regulation in the Florence School of Banking and Finance. New modes of financing and stability – with such phenomena as shadow banking, alternative forms of investment, as well social responsiveness of capital – have increasingly been explored.

Members of the Department have published widely in most areas of contract law, company law, a whole variety of financial services and monetary and budgetary policy law and more generally on regulatory private law. The intersection with transnational private law and regulation have played a prominent role in these endeavours.

Research in other themes also intersects with private and economic/financial law and governance. This includes research examining the global reach of EU law, regulatory theory, the theory of global governance, the interplay between different regulated industries, the cross-roads between markets and firms, the interplay between private law and public interest regulation, and more generally the public interest lawyering in Europe.

There are a number of EUI researchers currently working on these themes, exploring topics such as the relationship between company law and human rights, a whole variety of topics concerning financial stability and emerging markets for SMEs and alternative investment tools and the role of theories in the development of legislative initiatives. Two groups of researchers have recently established Working Groups on private/contract law and its theory and on financial and monetary law and theory.

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  • Stefan Grundmann
  • Hans-W. Micklitz 

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