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The Impact of Globalisation on International Law, Human Rights and Global Governance


Globalisation challenges many of the traditional assumptions about International law, its relationship to domestic law, the ways in which it is created and the methods of its enforcement. The Law Department is engaged in cutting edge research and study of the normative and institutional implications of this challenge and of its theoretical and practical ramifications in a variety of fields ranging from the regulation of trade and investments, the protection of human rights and the international criminal responsibility of individuals, security and environmental governance, and the safeguarding of the diversity of cultural heritage.

Human rights law has always had central role in the international law profile of the EUI. In recent years and currently this involves areas such as cultural rights, environmental rights, indigenous and minority rights, privacy and data protection, human rights while countering terrorism, access to justice, international mechanisms for the protection of human rights, and the interface between human rights law and international humanitarian law, particularly in the context of the changing nature of armed conflicts. Increasingly, issues of international criminal law are integrated into the research conducted. The impact of new technologies upon the enjoyment of human rights receives careful attention, including biotechnologies and detection and surveillance technologies.

Other areas of international law where the professors have strong competencies and active research engagements include international environmental law, the law of international adjudication, art and heritage law, international organizations law, international economic law, the law of treaties, the law of armed conflict and the history of international law.

The department is closely involved in several international research undertakings and networks in the field of international law, including several research consortia funded under EU’s 7th Framework Programme for research and development, the European Society of International Law, and the European Science Foundation research networking programme GLOTHRO (Globalisation and Transnational Human Rights Obligations) which simultaneously forms a research strand within the EUI Global Governance Programme.


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