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EU External Relations

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The Relex Working Group is a researcher-run group, intended to bring together researchers of all disciplines interested in EU External Relations.

The group meets regularly once a month to discuss topics covering the following areas:

  • The EU as a Foreign Security and Defence Policy Actor
  • The EU’s Role in the World
  • The EU as an exporter of norms
  • EU Actors and Institutions shaping European External Action
  • The Role of Member States in the EU’s Foreign, Security and Defence Policy
  • The Role of the European Court of Justice in External Relations
  • The Post-Lisbon Common Commercial Policy

We strongly encourage our members to present and discuss their research in the working group which, as an informal forum, provides a friendly atmosphere to receive comments, suggestions and opinions on your subject and methodology.

We also invite visiting scholars and external speakers to participate in the working group sessions, present their work and exchange views with resident working group members. In addition, the working group also organises workshops, seminars and conferences in the area of EU External Relations.

Throughout the year, we would like our members to create a mutually supportive network and we strongly encourage participants to attend on a regular basis to create a cohesive group and provide continuity to discussions.

Academic Year 2015-2016

  • 14 April 2016 – Joint session with the Max-Weber-Program: A Multidisciplinary Research Workshop on “The Changing Role of Sanctions: History and Current Practice” with Dr. Lee Jones (Politics and International Relations, Queen Mary University of London) and Maya Lester QC (Brick Court Chambers)
  • 12 April 2016 – Second event of the workshop – series: “The EU’s approach to trade and investment agreements – What content, motives and normative basis?'” on “The New Powers of the European Parliament and Article 21 TEU – A recipe for change?” with presentations given by Ramses A. Wessel (Professor of International and European Law and Governance and Director of the Centre for European Studies at the University of Twente, The Netherlands) on “Constitutional Aspects of the EU’s Global Actorness: Increased Exclusivity in Trade and Investment and the Role of the European Parliament” and Vivian Kube (PhD Researcher, EUI) on “Article 21 TEU and the EU’s external human rights commitment” 
  • 23 February 2016 – Launch event of the workshop – series: “The EU’s approach to trade and investment agreements – What content, motives and normative basis?'” with short presentations given by Malte Marweldel (PhD Researcher, University of Freiburg, Germany) on “A safeguard for democracy and the rule of law - the guiding principles of Art. 21(1) TEU” and Luigi Pedreschi (PhD Researcher, EUI) on “The GATS approach to public services: institutional, functional or neither”. Comments by Professor Markus Krajewski and Vivian Kube (PhD Researcher, EUI)
  • 11 November 2015 – “The Court of Justice of the European Union and its Approaches to International Treaty Law” - Presentation by Jed Odermatt* (Max Weber Fellow)

Academic Year 2014-2015

  • 16 April 2015 - "The EU’s new international investment policy – Explaining intensifying Member State cooperation in international investment regulation" - Presentation by Robert Basedow (PhD Researcher, LSE)
  • 25 March 2015 - "Union delegations today: three months at the EU delegation to Ethiopia" – Presentation by Mireia Estrada Cañamares (PhD Researcher, EUI)
  • 18 February 2015 - “Europe’s obligations towards the wider world –  How thick is Europe’s normative basis?” Introductory lecture by Professor Piet Eeckhout (Professor at UCL Laws, London) Followed by short presentations given by Malte Marweldel (PhD Researcher, University of Freiburg, Germany) on the legal implications of the EU’s constitutional principles of democracy and rule of law for its investment protection policy and specifically the inclusion and design of Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS).Dr. Joshua Curtis (Irish Centre for Human Rights) on the synergy and mutual dependence of the EU’s extraterritorial obligations to ensure respect for human rights and obligations to ensure policy coherence for development 
  • 21 November 2014 - "The Commission on Global Security, Justice & Governance: Crafting a reform agenda for better global governance " Presentation by Joris Larik (Senior Researcher in the Global Governance Program of The Hague Institute for Global Justice
  • 24 October 2014 - Presentation on the Evolution and Prospects of EU-China Trade Relations by Marjut Hannonen (Member of the Cabinet of Karel De Gucht, EU Commissioner for External Trade). The presentation was followed by  a discussion with Prof Marise Cremona, EUI and Prof Thomas Christiansen, Maastricht University and EUI 
  • 6 October 2014 - "Building identities and defending rights. The European Union as an example of judicial construction of supranational constitutional identities." - Presentation by Giuseppe Martinico (professor at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa and the Editor of Sant´Anna Legal Studies) and subsequent discussion led by Gabriel Rey (Diplomatic intern, Swiss embassy in Madrid) and Carlo Cantore (PhD Researcher, Law Department, EUI)

Academic Year 2011-2012

Academic Year 2010-2011

  • 21-22 January 2011: Workshop on “Ever-Closer in Brussels – Ever-Closer in the World? The Big Question Marks of EU External Action after Lisbon”, Sala Capitolo, Badia Fiesolana
  • 8 December 2010: Sovereign yet bound: The EU Member States as Foreign Policy Actors
  • 24 November 2010: EU External Action: A "Principled" Foreign Policy?
  • 10 November 2010: The EU and international security II
  • 27 October 2010: The EU and international security I
  • 13 October 2010: Inaugural Session “Kadi II – The Never-Ending Story Continues?”, roundtable discussion

Academic Year 2009-2010

  • 26 May 2010: Joint RELEX and CEULAS WG on the EU-Latin America summit, Fabiano De Andreade Correa (EUI Researcher), Andrés Malamud (Lisbon University, Institute of Social Sciences), María Belén Olmos Giupponi (Universitdad rey Juan Carlos, Madrid), Lucas Lixinski (EUI Researcher)
  • 12 May 2010: World Trading System and the EU, Anna Pitaraki (EUI Researcher) and Laura Puccio (EUI Researcher); The external dimension of energy policy, Anna Soedersten (EUI Researcher)
  • 4 May 2010: Special RELEX session Enlargement, Iceland and the Europe with SIEPS Members, Prof. Hillion (University of Leiden) and Prof. Mendes Pinedo (University of Iceland)
  • 28 April 2010: Presentation of the Thesis: “A paradigm for coherence in EU external Relations law: the European Neighbourhood Policy”, Bart van Vooren (EUI Researcher)
  • 21 April 2010: Joint RELEX and Environmental Law WG on External dimension of EU Environmental Policy, Prof. Elisa Morgera (University of Edinburgh), Fabiano De Andreade Correa (EUI Researcher), Spyridon Drosos (EUI Researcher)
  • 17 March 2010: Human Rights (3) Case studies II – Social Rights in EU External Policy, Siegfried Schieder (Jean Monnet Fellow) and Giovanni Gruni (EUI Researcher)
  • 3 March 2010: Human Rights (3) Case studies I - Human Rights and Counter-terrorism, Maria Tzanou (EUI Researcher) Dorothy Estrada-Tanck (EUI Researcher)
  • 19 February 2010: Human Rights (2) inter-court dialogue, Federico Fabbrini (PhD 2nd Year) and Olafur Isberg Hannesson (EUI Researcher)
  • 22 January-23 January 2010: WORKSHOP on 'Framework for Economic Development in EU External Relations':
  • Karolina Podstawa (EUI Researcher), Trends in the International Human Rights Protection System as Visible in EU External Actions – Human Rights and Development
  • Pascal Vennesson (EUI Professor SPS Department and RSCAS), Security-Development Nexus in EU Policies
  • Janine Silga (EUI Researcher), The Migration and Development Nexus in the EU: toward a New Conception of International Mobility?
  • Tamirace Fakhoury (EUI RSCAS), A Critical Appraisal of the EU's Global Approach to Migration (GAM): a Useful Policy-Making Instrument in the EU-MENA Context?
  • Marco Botta (EUI Researcher), Does the EU Competition Law Model Satisfy the Needs of the Emerging Economies? Lessons from the Countries without a “Carrot”
  • Fabiano Correa (EUI Researcher), External Dimension of Sustainable Development and its Impact on EU-Mercosur Relations
  • Marco Sanfilippo (Department of Economics, University of Florence), European Report on Development; Laura Puccio (EUI Researcher), EU Preferential Rules of Origin Regimes in FTAs with Developing Countries: the Limits of Regional Harmonisation• Ilze Dubava (EUI Researcher), International Investments Law and Sustainable Development in EU external relations
  • Maurizio Carbone (Department of Politics, University of Glasgow), Shifting Responsibilities: Coordination and Coherence in EU Development Policy
  • 16 December 2009: External Dimension of the European area of Freedom, Security and Justice, Helena Carrapiço (EUI Researcher), Human Rights (1) institutional aspects, Karolina Podstawa (EUI Researcher)02/12/2009: Coherence of Development Policy, Tine van Criekinge (Jean Monnet Fellow), Janine Silga (EUI Researcher), Saha Devina (EUI Researcher)
  • 18 November 2009: Coherence and Institutional Dimension of External Policy of the EU (3) – the EU and international legal order, Joris Larik (EUI Researcher)
  • 4 November 2009: Coherence and Institutional Dimension of External Policy of the EU (2) - International Responsibility of the EU, Andres Delgado (EUI Researcher) and Madalina Moraru (EUI Researcher)
  • 21 October 2009: Coherence and Institutional Dimension of External Policy of the EU (1) – from AETR to Treaty of Lisbon, Markus Klamert (Visiting Fellow from WU Wien), Bart Van Vooren (EUI Researcher), Kristin Reuter (EUI Researcher)

Academic Year 2007-2008

  • 30 April 2008: 'Access to Justice in Diplomatic and Consular Protection of EU Citizens' (A. Ianniello Saliceti, RSCAS Fellow)
  • 9 April 2008: "Is the EU a strategic actor in East Asia? The case of EU-China space cooperation" (Nicola Casarini), China's foreign policy towards the EU. The cases of market economy status and arms embargo" (Frank Gaenssmantel)
  • 20 February 2008: EU-Russia Relations. Speakers: Roman Petrov (MWF) and Aaron Matta (LAW researcher)
  • 14–15 December 2007: (Workshop) Security Aspects in EU External Policies Sala Triaria RELEX Working Group Presentations
  • 5 December 2007: The EU among IOs (Stephane Tock), EC mixed competence in relation to dispute settlements within international organisations (Erik Lagerlof)
  • 28 November 2007: New Governance Methods in Common European Asylum System(Nadine El-Enany), The Migration and Development Nexus (Janine Silga)
  • 14 November 2007: Legal framework of migration management in EU (Lehte Roots), The regulatory framework for the management of the EU's External Borders (Jorrit Rijpma)
  • 8 November 2007: The military role of the EU within the framework of the ESDP (Valentina Falco); The CSFP–Union and the Community in post-conflict peace-building: departmentalised solution for convergent objectives? (Martina Spernbauer)
  • 17 October 2007: Liberalization of Capital Movements and Foreign Investment in Euro-Mediterranean Agreements: An alternative approach to sustainable development? (Angelos Dimopoulos), EU-China Trade Disputes in the WTO: A Bystander's Perspective (Chien-huei Wu)

Academic Year 2006-2007

  • 30 May 2007: Thomas Grunert (EP): The role of the EU in the settlement of frozen conflicts in the European neighbourhood countries
  • 16 May 2007: EU sanctions: the untold story (Clara Portela, SPS)
  • 9 May 2007: 'Unilateral measures and WTO dispute settlement: An EC perspective' (Antonis Antoniadis, EUI)
  • 16 December 2006: RELEX discussion
  • 13 December 2006: A report from the field – on the interviews conducted notably with EC delegation's officials in Tokyo and Taipe (Prof. Pascal VENNESSON, SPS), EU–China (Frank GAENSSMANTEL, SPS)
  • 22 November 2006: Concurrence of jurisdiction between the ECJ and other international courts and tribunals (Sofia FERREIRA, LAW), The international liability of the EU (Andreas DELGADO, LAW), EC/Member States Judicial Standing Towards/In International Organizations (Erik LAGERLOF, LAW)
  • 16 November 2006: RELEX lunch discussion
  • 8 November 2006: Construction of the ESDP (Fabian BREUER, SPS), EU Peace Operations (Chiara RUFFA, SPS), The EU and International Humanitarian Law (Valentina FALCO, LAW)
  • 31 October 2006: RELEX lunch discussion
  • 25 October 2006: EU and Western Balkans (Martina SPERNBAUER, LAW), EU-Russia (Aaron MATTA, LAW), Wider Europe: the Influence of the EU on Neighbouring Countries. The Case of Russia and the Ukraine (Gabriella MELONI, SPS)
  • 18 October 2006: Export of the EU common values in external relations (Roman PETROV, Max Weber Fellow), Constitutional principles in EU external relations (Michal GOLABEK, LAW), Use of law in external relations, in particular in the European Neighborhood Policy (Bart VAN VOOREN, LAW)

Workshop Programme, February-March 2006 

  • 15 March 2006: EU, US, Russia and a New Paradigm in International Relations - EU Transatlantic Relations (Patryk Pawlak), EU and Russia (Aaron Matta Maya), Prof. Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann.
  • 8 March 2006: EU in International Negotiations, Case presentation, View from the Council Presidency (Stephane Tock), EU Common Foreign and Security Policy - CFSP & autonomous sanctions (Clara Portela)
  • 22 February 2006: EU Neighbourhood Policy, Aspects of EU Neighbourhood Policy (Prof. Marise Cremona, EUI), The Cyprus Issue (Skoutaris Nikolaos)
  • 8 February 2006: EU Inter-Regional Cooperation - EU cooperation with Mercosur: looking at the promotion of democracy (Fiorella Triscritti), EU & China (Frank Gaenssmantel) 


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