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European Constitutional Law

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The European Constitutional Law Working Group is set up by EUI law researchers in order to discuss both EU and national constitutional law, as well as the interaction between the two. Contributions from other social sciences that reflect the issues of constitutionalism in Europe, as well as papers on the institutional evolution of the Union are also very welcome.

The working group meets monthly for paper-based discussions and debates; only an introductory five-minute presentation of the papers is given. More information about the working group, upcoming sessions and papers is available to EUI law researchers on the working group's EUI Collab page.


Past Sessions

Academic Year 2012-2013

6 December 2012: Case 370/12 Pringle and the European Stability Mechanism
Guest speaker: Professor Alan Dashwood (University of Cambridge) 

28 November: The Many Constitutions for Europe
Guest speakers: Professors Kaarlo Tuori (Helsinki University) and Miguel Maduro (Director Global Governance Programme, EUI) 

23 November 2012: Case C-364/10 Hungary v Slovakia
Guest speakers: Professors Jo Shaw (School of Law, University of Edinburgh), Loïc Azoulai (Law Department, EUI), Marise Cremona (Law Department, EUI), Philippe DeBruycker (Migration Policy Center, EUI), Robert Schütze (Durham Law School)


Academic Year 2011-2012

16 March 2012: ‘The Age of “New Rights”’
Paper giver: Marta Cartabia (Judge of the Italian Constitutional Court) 

5 March 2012: The Grand Constitutional Trio: European Constitutionalism Ten Years from the Convention on the Future of Europe (in the framework of the seminar "Constitutional Developments in the EU" by Giuliano Amato)
Discussants: Giuliano Amato (EUI Emeritus Professor, former Prime Minister of Italy, former Vice President of the Convention on the Future of Europe), Jacques Ziller (Professor, University of Padua), Bruno De Witte (Professor, EUI)

16 February 2012: EUI Debate on the Fiscal Compact Treaty
Discussants: Loïc Azoulai (Professor of EU law, EUI), Miguel Poiares Maduro (Professor of EU law, Director of the Global Governance Programme, EUI), Bruno De Witte (Professor, EUI), Anna Hyvärinen (former ministerial adviser (EU law) at the Prime Minister's office, Finland), Marise Cremona (Head of the Law Department, Professor of EU law, EUI) 

8 December 2011: "Constitutionalism as Pluralism"
Paper giver: Professor Miguel Poiares Maduro

22 November 2011: "The Financial Crisis Management and Democracy in Europe"
Paper giver: Professor Roland Bieber, Discussant: Professor Brigit Laffan


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