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Law and Economics Working Group

Coordinator: Fabrizio Esposito

The Law and Economics Working Group is a forum for discussing the developments in the dialogue between legal and economic scholarship. The aim is to gather researchers interested in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of adopting an economic-informed methodology in their research as compared to purely legal approaches or to approaches grounded in other social sciences.

The working group organizes two kinds of events. First, reading sessions related to a specific topic (examples could be: efficiency vs distribution; L&E descriptive and/or normative theories of value, norms, remedies, enforcement, contracts, financial services, competition, non-market behaviour, law-making, judicial decisions; comparative institutional analysis), possibly under the supervision of a group member. Researchers can also present their work, provided it applies or discusses a law and economics framework. Second, presentations by invited speakers on topics of interest for the working group.

The group is grateful for the support of Prof. Giorgio Monti and Prof. Stefan Grundmann.


CALL FOR PAPERS: 9th MetaLawEcon WorkshopEconomic Law and Economic Theory: Defining the Domain of “Law and Economics”.
Deadline for abstract submission: 30th June 2018

To download the Call for Papers, click here.

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