Transnational Law

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The Transnational Law Working Group (TLWG) is a recent addition to the Working Group cloud at the EUI. It was launched in 2011 as a forum for researchers specifically interested in post-national legal developments.

The working group focuses on issues related to transnational law from a theoretical, as well as a practical perspective. We have a broad understanding of what transnational law means: in general, it is related to legal phenomena beyond state law (or the inter-national law). It can therefore include "transnational private regulation", but also supranational law like European Law or WTO Law.

The working group is first and foremost a venue where EUI researchers interested in transnational law can present their work and get critical feedback. It is also a chance to exchange our readings and to share our case studies. Additionally, we aim to invite external scholars working in the field.

Past Sessions

18 June 2012 - Transnational Law Colloquium

  • Marco Rizzi (EUI) : « The transnational rebus in pharmaceutical regulation »
  • Stephanie Law (EUI) : « Use of Comparative Law by the ECJ - Towards Hybridisation »
  • Tiago Andreotti (EUI) : « The Resolution of Financial Disputes in a Transnational Legal Environment »
  • Maciej Borowicz (EUI) : « Regulatory Contracts in Transnational Private Regulation »
  • Antoine Duval (EUI) : « Lex sportiva: The Playground of Transnational Law »

17 April 2012 - Peer Zumbansen (Osgoode Law School) : « Rethinking the Nature of the Firm: The Corporation as a Governance Object » 

5 March 2012 - Mislav Mataija (EUI) : "Power, Autonomy and Free Movement: Unpacking the Assumptions of State Action under EU Law


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