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Guidelines for Working Groups

Setting up a New Working Group 

Please check first whether a similar working group already exists in your field. If so, please liaise with the organisers to see if it would be appropriate to work together as overlaps in working group research areas should be avoided.

If a similar working group does not exist and you would like to set up a new one, you should seek the support of at least one Law professor who works in that field. The new group should be approved by the Head of Department and Valentina Spiga should be informed.

In case a working group ceases its activity, please inform ValentinaSpiga so that the information can be removed from the website.

Working Group Webpages 

Each working group is entitled to space on the Law Department website where they can publish important information regarding the group and its activities such as: description, upcoming meetings, contact details.

Updates of the online text should be sent to Valentina Spiga at the beginning of each term.

This information should be as complete as possible as no changes will be made to the working group webpages during term time.

Please consult the exisiting working group webpages to see what kind of information is needed and to follow the layout and formatting in place. 

Organising Events 

  • Room Booking

If you would like to book a room for your events (meetings, discussions, talks, lectures or workshops) please send Valentina Spiga the preferred date, time and venue. They will then check to see whether a room is available and will make the booking once the date(s) and event(s) have been confirmed. 

  • Publishing Events Online

In order to publish an event on 'Seminars and Events' please have the following information ready:

  1. Full title of the seminar
  2. Description of event 
  3. Name(s) of (guest) speaker(s)
  4. Contact person
  5. Number of participants (approximately)
  6. Requests for IT equipment or other special facilities

Please inform Valentina Spiga immediately if an event is cancelled so that the room can be made available for other users. 

  • Meals and Catering

Dinners - the number of internal participants can't be higher than 3 for each external.
Lunches - for each external there can be 3 internals and 3 researchers/fellows.

  • Participants List

The working group organisers are requested to circulate a list of participants when catering service is required. Lists should be communicated to Valentina Spiga via email following the event. 

  • Accreditation of Presentation

Under certain circumstances, 2nd and 3rd year researchers may fulfil the departmental presentation requirement by presenting their research during a working group event, provided the supervisor attends and approves the presentation.

For the budgetary purpose, events where any costs are involved must be notified well in advance.

Promotion of Working Group Activities 

  • Sending Emails

To advertise the working group, the Law Department administration can forward an announcement to the Law distribution list (DL Law) at the beginning of the academic year, upon request. However, general emails cannot be forwarded every week for each working group.

Exceptionally, when an external guest speaker is invited to give a lecture, the Law Department administration can circulate an announcement drafted by the working group to DL Law regarding the visit.

To reach individual members, working groups can set up their own distribution lists in their personal Outlook mailboxes, create a working group email account, or create an EUI Collab webpage to promote events (please contact Valentina Spiga for more details).This information can be taken from the participants lists circulated at the events.

We recommend that you request the contact details of all participants during every session in order to reach as many people as possible. 

  • Events Calendar

To advertise the activities of working groups, a working group events calendar will be posted on the main page of the Departmental website. 

If you would like your event to appear in the calendar, you should send Valentina Spiga the information by the 25th of each month for the following month's activities. 

Inviting Guest Speakers 

Working groups may invite guest speakers to participate in their events. If funding is needed for such visits you should follow the guidelines below. 

  • Requests for funding

Visits by guest speakers should normally be financed from the lump sum of the supporting professor upon his/her agreement, to be organised with their administrative assistant.

In exceptional circumstances, funds from the departmental budget may be used to finance a visit by a guest speaker, if the invitation is supported by two EUI Law professors working in the field and if the guest speaker actively participates in another Law Department event. Please contact Valentina Spiga for departmental funding.

If a financial contribution is exceptionally provided by the Law Department, expenses should be kept as low as possible (e.g. economy class and hotels) in order to allow for equal treatment of all working groups (a maximum of €400 per Law Department working group per calendar year).

Such requests will be examined on a case-by-case basis by the Head of Department and departmental funding is not automatically guaranteed. 

  • Financial Procedure

Once approval for financial support has been given by the supporting professor or by the Head of Department, the working group should make a financial commitment through the supporting professor’s administrative assistant or through Valentina Spiga for departmental funding.

No invitations should be issued to the guest speakers before the financial commitment has been approved and processed.

Visits should be approved and funds committed as early as possible, at the very latest one week before the visit. Otherwise it will be impossible to reimburse the expenses and the working group will be responsible for any outstanding costs.

Before an approved visit, guest speakers must fill in a form giving their full bank details and return it to the administrative assistant responsible for the event.

On the day of the visit, the guest speaker must also fill in a Declaration of Expenses form and attach all supporting documents (original tickets, receipts, boarding passes, etc.).

If these documents are not received within four months of the visit the guest speaker will not be reimbursed. 


Page last updated on 17 June 2019