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Faculty Areas of Supervision

Prospective applicants should look closely at the research interests specified by the professors in their personal web pages. These will provide the clearest idea of the kinds of research topics that are supervised at the EUI. It should not be assumed that the interests listed are the only topics those professors will supervise, but they should serve as a useful guide. Specific research interests of the professors who are available to supervise new researchers are set out below.

In the application form you are encouraged to list the names of potential supervisors for your research. Faculty members will then become aware that you consider them as potential supervisors. However, you should not contact them and ask them for advice, as this could undermine the competitiveness and fairness of our selection procedure.  

Fabrizio Bernardi, Professor of Sociology. Research themes: Inequality in Educational Opportunities, Social Mobility, Educational Returns, Family and Labour Market Dynamics and inequality, Research Design and Methodology (quantitative).

Dorothee Bohle_SMALL

Dorothee Bohle, Professor of Political Sciences. Research Themes: Comparative Political Economy (varieties of capitalism, institutional political economy, welfare states, industrial relations, housing (finance) regimes); International Political Economy (European integration, financialization); Central Eastern European economy and politics.


Jeffrey T. Checkel, Chair in International Politics. Research Themes: International relations theory (domestic-international linkages, international institutions, constructivism, governance), conflict studies (civil war), European integration (Europeanization, identity) and qualitative methods (process tracing, bridging positivist-interpretive techniques). 

Philipp Genschel, Professor of Comparative and European Public Policy (Joint SPS/RSCAS chair). Research themes: International Political Economy, European Integration, International Organizations and global governance, Institutional Theory, the state, taxation, welfare, defense.

Klarita Gerxhani

Klarita Gërxhani, Professor of Sociology. Research themes: (Micro)-Economic Sociology, Institutional theory, Social Norms, Labor Market and Organizations, Social Status and Gender Inequalities, Social Capital, Informal Economies and Tax Evasion, Field Surveys and (Laboratory) Experiments.



Miriam Golden

Miriam A. Golden, Peter Mair Chair in Comparative Politics. Research themes: Corruption and clientelism, distributive politics, and political parties, incumbency and reelection, politics of energy and water.

Juho Härkonen 150x

Juho Härkönen, Professor of Sociology. Research themes: Social inequality, life course research, family demography, labour market and occupational careers, health disparities, comparative research.

Anton Hemerijck

Anton Hemerijck, Professor of Political Sciences. Research themes: Welfare reform across Europe, including the impact of EU social, employment and economic policy coordination, from the perspective of the comparative politics of public policy, social investment, actor-centered institutionalism and mixed-method process tracing.

Ellen Immergut

Ellen Immergut, Professor of Political Sciences. Multi-Dimensional Political Competition and Social Policy Responsiveness in Post-Industrial Societies; Health Politics in Europe; Constitutional Politics.

Hanspeter Kriesi, Stein Rokkan Chair of Comparative Politics. Research themes: Comparative politics, political sociology, political behaviour, electoral behaviour, political communication, political participation, social movements.

Ulrich Krotz, Professor of International Relations. Research themes: International Relations in Europe; International Relations theory; International security and security studies; Comparative foreign policy and foreign policy analysis (especially EU, France, Germany, U.S.); Global and regional governance; Shifts and continuities in twenty-first century world politics; European foreign, security and defense policy; European integration (internal and external aspects); "Europe in the world"; Transatlantic relations; Politics in the European multilevel system (including "France and Germany in Europe"); the Comparative politics of Europe, France, and Germany; Franco-German relations; Research design and qualitative methods.

Olivier Roy, Professor of Mediterranean Studies. Research themes: Afghanistan, Iran, Middle-East, Central Asia, Christianism, Conversions, Islam, Islamism, Religious Fundamentalism, Civil Society, Religion.

Andrea Sangiovanni

Andrea Sangiovanni, Chair in Social and Political Theory. Research themes: contemporary moral, legal, and political philosophy, justice and solidarity in the European Union, freedom of movement and immigration, international justice and the philosophy of international law, human rights and the idea of dignity, the relation between principles and social practices, moral and social equality.

Arnout Van de Rijt

Arnout Van De Rijt, Professor in Sociology. Research Themes: Computational social science, social influence, social networks, self-emergent inequalities, and collective action.


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