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Job Market

The European University Institute offers a uniquely international graduate training that is not directed towards a particular national academic tradition. We offer a professional educational programme that is well suited for the modern academic job market, as well as numerous other roles in the private sector or within other organisations.

The EUI’s Alumni Destination Survey 2018 showed that EUI alumni hold positions in academia (60%), national/public institutions (7%), law firms (7%), international organisations (6%), EU institutions (5%), the private sector (2%), NGOs (1.5%) and banks (1%).

For alumni from our Department of Political and Social Sciences, our Alumni Destination Survey 2018 revealed that approximately 75% now work in academia, 4% within international organisations or NGOs, 3% within national institutions, 2% for EU institutions and 1.5% for diplomatic representations.

Our Department of Political and Social Science graduates have taken positions in many top academic and research institutions around the world including Harvard University, the London School of Economics, the University of Oxford, the University of Copenhagen, the University of Edinburgh, FU Berlin  the Max Planck Institute and others. For additional information please see:Job Market Results 2016 & 2017.

Yet many of our Department of Political and Social Science alumni also find roles within the private sector or working for organisations at national and international level. Others hold senior positions in EU institutions. Our alumni find that the broad international environment of their study in Florence, at the EUI, fosters the skills and understanding that are particularly useful in such settings.

For some of the successes of more recent alumni and senior researchers, including the award of a number of postdoc Fellowships, see Prizes & Awards.



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