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"Kafka project: Frontiere / Granice / Meje / Grens / Borders..."

Posted on 25 November 2013

Kafka project


This theatre performance takes place within the framework of the Roundtable "The 28th Star. Challenges of the Croatian Accession to the EU and the European Future of Western Balkans", organised by the Department of Political and Social Sciences, with the kind support of EUDO and RSCAS.


The idea of this theatre is born as homage to Croatia's accession to the European Union. It talks about trespassing of borders, using Kafka's words and all the different declination of the word 'border'.


The performance will be offered by the National Theatre "Ivan pl. Zajc", Rijeka.


More information (in Italian):

Complesso Universo kafkiano

Intervista Karina Holla

Molto pregnante resa di Kafka (critiche dal Mittelfest)

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