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Fernand Braudel Senior Fellows 2014-2015

Fernand Braudel Fellows are mid-career and senior academics visiting the EUI for a period of several months.

They have no formal teaching responsibilities but may participate in seminars and can give occasional advice to doctoral researchers in their specialised fields.

Please note that the deadline for the next round of applications for the Political and Social Sciences Department is 30 September 2014 for the calendar year 2016.


David Coen (UCL London)

Research themes: European Public Policy, Interest Groups, Regulatory reform and Governance.

David Coen is Professor of Public Policy, Head of the Department of Political Science, Director of the School of Public Policy and founding Director of the Institute of Global Governance at University College London. His research seeks to understand EU Public Policy and Comparative European Political Economy. More specifically the research maps EU business lobbying strategies, EU regulatory networks and multilevel venue shopping. In 2014/2015 he is conducting a European Parliament Commissioned survey of Lobbying of MEPs.

Period of stay: Apr - Jun 2015

Office: BF-191
Tel. + 39 055 4685 272 (int. 2272)

Francisco Herreros (Spanish National Research Council, CSIC Madrid)

Research themes: Comparative politics, trust and social capital, political violence (terrorism, civil wars and state repression)

Francisco Herreros is Permanent Research Fellow, Head of the Comparative Politics Department at the Institute for Public Goods and Policies (CSIC) in Madrid. He has been Visiting Fellow at All Souls College and Nuffield College (University of Oxford) and Santander Fellow at St. Antony’s College (University of Oxford). His areas of interest are trust and social capital (especially the role of the state in the creation of trust) and political violence (especially violence against civilians in civil wars). He has published in journals such as Comparative Political Studies, Journal of Peace Research, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Politics and Society, Rationality and Society and Political Studies. 

Period of stay: Mar - Jun 2015

Office: BF-194

Tel. + 39 055 4685 237 (Int. 2237)

Alan Jacons (University of British Columbia)

Alan Jacobs

Research themes: Public opinion toward intertemporal policy tradeoffs, Economic and political inequality, Mixed-method research design

Alan M. Jacobs is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of British Columbia, working in the fields of comparative political economy and public policy, political behavior, and methodology. A major focus of Jacobs’ past work has been the politics of intertemporal policy choice in advanced democracies. His book Governing for the Long Term (Cambridge, 2011, recipient of the APSA’s awards for the best book in comparative politics and the best book using qualitative methods) analyzed the conditions under which elected politicians are willing to impose short-run costs on their constituents to invest in long-run social goods. Jacobs’ current research is focused in three areas: the experimental investigation of citizens’ attitudes towards intertemporal policy tradeoffs; comparative analysis of the effects of economic inequality on democratic equality in advanced democracies; and a Bayesian approach to the integration of qualitative and quantitative causal inferences. 

Period of stay: May - Jun 2015

Office: BF-197

Tel. + 39 055 4685 443 (Int. 2443)

Claus Offe (Hertie School of Governance)

Claus Offe

Research themes: Political Sociology, Political Economy

Claus Offe teaches Political Sociology at the Hertie School of Governance. He completed his PhD at the University of Frankfurt and his Habilitation at the University of Konstanz. In Germany, he has held chairs for Political Science and Political Sociology at the Universities of Bielefeld (1975-1989) and Bremen (1989-1995), as well as at the Humboldt-University of Berlin (1995-2005). He has worked as fellow and visiting professor at, among others, the Institutes for Advanced Study in Stanford, Princeton, and the Australian National University as well as Harvard University, the University of California at Berkeley and the New School University, New York.

Period of stay: Jan - Jun 2015

Office: BF-191

Tel. + 39 055 4685 635 (Int. 2635)

James Sperling (University of Akron)

James Sperling

Research themes: Security governance/European-American relations/NATO-EU relations

Jim Sperling is professor of political science at the University of Akron. He has taught at Akron since 1988. Prior to that time he held appointments at Davidson College and the James Madison College, Michigan State University. He teaches World Politics and Government (the introductory course to comparative politics and international relations), International Politics and Institutions, and Comparative Security Policy. His publications have explored various facets of German foreign economic and security policy over the course of the postwar period as well as the problem of the new security agenda, global security multilateralism, and regional security governance in the contemporary international system. 

Period of stay: Feb - May 2015

Office: BF-195

Tel. + 39 055 4685 409 (Int. 2409)

Cameron Thies (Arizona State University)

Cameron ThiesResearch themes: IR theory, state socialization, state building in the contemporary developing world

Cameron G. Thies is Professor and Director of the School of Politics and Global Studies.  He came to ASU in 2013 from the University of Iowa, where he was previously the Harlan E. McGregor Faculty Fellow and Chair of the Department of Political Science.  He conducts research in the areas of statebuilding in the developing world, interstate and civil conflict, international trade, and international relations theory.  He has published in journal outlets such as the American Journal of Political Science, the Journal of Politics, the British Journal of Political Science, World Politics, International Studies Quarterly, the European Journal of International Relations, and Comparative Political Studies, among others.  He is co-Editor-in-Chief of Political Science Research and Methods, the official journal of the European Political Science Association.  He currently serves as Vice-President of the International Studies Association and was awarded its Ladd Hollist Service Award in 2013.

Period of stay: Mar - May 2015

Office: SF-019

Tel. + 39 055 4685 653 (Int. 2653)

Kim Weeden (Cornell University)

Kim WeedenResearch themes: Income inequality in liberal market economies,  predictions of the argument using European data

Kim Weeden is a Professor of Sociology at Cornell where she serve as the Robert S. Harrison Director of the Institute for the Social Sciences, the Interim Director of the Center for the Study of Inequality, and co-Director/co-PI of CU-ADVANCE. Weeden is an affiliate of the Cornell Population Center, the Center for the Study of Economy and Society, and the Cornell Institute for Compensation Studies, and, outside of Cornell, the chair of the Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility section of the ASA.

Period of stay: Sep - Dec 2014

Office: BF-195

Tel. + 39 055 4685 409 (Int. 2409) 

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