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Research Fellows 2020-2021



Associated Project: SOLID

Short Bio: Argyrios Altiparmakis’ PhD (June 2019) thesis focuses on the interactions between contentious and institutional politics in Greece during the years of the bailout. He previously studied political science at the LSE and applied maths and physics at the Athens Polytechnic.

Research Themes: His current research focuses on political conflict, contentious politics and personalized politics.

Period of Stay: July 2019 - June 2022

Tel.  [+39] 055 4685 419 (Int. 2419)

Office: SF-029, Villa Sanfelice


Abel Bojar


Short Bio: Abel Bojar holds a Ph.D. from the European Institute of the London School of Economics and Political Science where he defended his thesis in 2014. 

Research Themes: His research investigates the political economy of the public budget in European democracies and focuses on various aspects of party politics and electoral dynamics.

Period of stay: February 2017 -  Jan 2022 

Tel.: [+39] 055 4685 471 (Int. 2471)

Email: [email protected] 

Office: BF 260, Badia Fiesolana

Raffaele Grotti

Raffaele GROTTI

Associated Project: CRITEVENTS

Short Bio: Raffaele Grotti received his PhD in Sociology and Social Research from the University of Trento in 2016. Between 2016 and 2018 he was Research Fellow in the project FamIne (Families of Inequalities) at the University of Trento and Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin. During his PhD he has been a visiting scholar at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. Since 2011 he has contributed to several international comparative projects dealing with socio-economic inequalities and labour market and family dynamics. Raffaele is also member of the Centre for Social Inequality Studies (CSIS), University of Trento.

Research Themes: Raffaele’s main research interests include social and economic inequalities, income trajectories, family and labour market dynamics and welfare studies in comparative perspective. His other interests include quantitative methods and Stata programming.

Period of stay: November 2018 - October 2020

Tel.: [+39] 055 4685 256 (Int. 2256)

Email: [email protected] 

Office: BF-177, Badia Fiesolana


Oana, Ioana Elena

Ioana-Elena OANA

Associated Project: SOLID

Short bio: Ioana-Elena Oana obtained her Ph.D. in Comparative Politics at Central European University, Budapest, where she studied policy and agenda responsiveness to collective mobilization in European democracies. During her Ph.D. she was also involved in the POLPART ERC project for which she conducted survey experimental and focus group data collection and analysis on political participation. Besides political participation, representation, and behavior, her research interests also include research methodology. She is the main developer of the R package SetMethods, one of the main software tools for conducting QCA, and has extensive experience in teaching R, research design, and QCA at various methods schools and universities (ECPR Methods Schools, University of Exeter, Lund University, Antwerp Management School, etc.). 

Research Themes: Her current work in the framework of the POLCON and SOLID projects focuses on developing automated solutions for protest event analysis. 

Period of Stay: May 2019 -  Dec 2022 

Tel.  [+39] 055 4685 477 (Int. 2477)

Email: tbc

Office: BF-260



Associated Project: Technequality

Short bio: Giampiero Passaretta obtained a PhD in Sociology and Social Research from the University of Trento (Italy) in 2017. From 2017 to 2019 he was Postdoctoral Researcher at the Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), where he contributed to a large comparative H2020 project (ISOTIS) concerned with inequalities in educational achievements. In 2018, he was awarded for the best doctoral dissertation from the Department of Sociology at the University of Trento. He is a member of the Centre for Social Inequality Studies (CSIS) at the University of Trento and the Trinity Research in Childhood Centre (TRICC) at the Trinity College Dublin.

Research Themes: His research interests include education and labour market inequalities, comparative sociology and quantitative methods of data analysis. Giampiero’s current research focuses on the causal effect of schooling on social inequality in educational achievements in a comparative and longitudinal perspective. 

Period of Stay: Sept 2019 - Aug 2021

Tel.:  [+39] 055 4685 627 (Int. 2627)

Email: [email protected]

Office: BF-200, Badia Fiesolana



Associated Project: Technequality

Short bio: Heta Pöyliö received her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Turku in August 2019. Before joining this project she worked as a Project Researcher in the INDIRECT (Intergenerational Cumulative Disadvantage and Resource Compensation) project at the University of Turku. Her PhD studied the relationships between institutions and intergenerational socioeconomic inequalities. During her Ph.D. Heta was a visiting researcher at the Stanford University as part of the Fulbright programme. She also holds a Master’s degree in Global and International Social Policy (University of Sheffield).

Research Themes: Heta’s main research interests focus on the intergenerational inequalities, particularly in education and labour market. Her research often takes on comparative approach, and applies a micro-macro aspect in studying the complex associations of social stratification, welfare state arrangements and inequalities. 

Period of Stay: Sept 2019 - Aug 2021

Tel.  [+39] 055 4685 492 (Int. 2492)

Email: [email protected]

Office: BF-200, Badia Fiesolana



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