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Stefano Bartolini

Recent Publications

Stefano Bartolini has published research on French and Italian politics, presidentialism and institutional reform, political parties, and European electoral history and electoral behaviour.

Most recent contributions to books: 

2015. Rivisitando ‘Cosa è Politica’ di Giovanni Sartori, in S. Passigli (ed.) La Politica come Scienza. Scritti in onore di Giovanni Sartori, Firenze, Passigli Editori, 57-84.

2014. Peter Mair: An intellectual portrait (with H. Daalder), in Peter Mair, On Parties, Party Systems and Democracy, edited by Van Biezen, Ingrid, Colchester, Essex:  ECPR Press, pp. 25-44

2012. The strange case of the ‘European parties’, in  Erol Kulacki (ed.),  Europeanisation and political parties’. Colchester, Essex: ECPR Press, 157-170.

2011.Cleavages: Social and Political, in Badie, Bertrand, Dirk Berg-Schlosser and Leonardo Morlino  International Encyclopedia of Political Science, Thousand Oacks: Sage Publications,  276-282.

2011. New Modes of European Governance –An  Introduction, in Heritier, A. and M. Rhodes (eds), New Modes of European GovernanceI, London: Palgrave, forthcoming 2011, 1-19


2016. Cleavages, divides and Voting Theory, Montero J. R. and P. Segatti (eds), Religiosity, Ideology, and Vote in Europe, forthcoming

Most recent books:

2015. The Role of Parties in Twenty- First Century Politics. Responsive and Responsible, edited with Luciano Bardi and Alexander H. Trechsel, London: Routledge.

2012. La mobilisation politique de la gauche européenne (1860-1980), Buxelles : Editions de l’univerité de Bruxelles. French translation of ‘The Class Cleavage’

2005. Restructuring Europe. Centre formation, system building and political structuring between the nation state and the EU. Oxford: OxfordUniversity Press 

2002. Maggioritario finalmente?La transizione elettorale 1994-2001, (co-edited with R. D'Alimonte), Bologna, Il Mulino.

2000. The Class Cleavage. The electoral Mobilisation of the European Left 1880-1980, Cambridge (Mass.), Cambridge University Press.


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