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Rainer Bauböck

Professor of Social and Political Theory

Rainer Bauböck

Rainer Bauböck holds a chair in social and political theory at the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the European University Institute. He is on leave from the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna.

From 1986 to 1999 Rainer Bauböck was a researcher and associate professor at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna. He has taught regularly at the Universities of Vienna and Innsbruck and was a recurrent visiting professor at Central European University Budapest.

He was also a visiting researcher/guest professor at the Bellagio Rockefeller Foundation (June-July 2006), at Yale University (Jan-May 2005), the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona (2003), the University of Bristol (April-June 2002), University of Malmö (September 2000-February 2001), the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton and Princeton University (September 1998-June 1999) and the University of Warwick (1990-91).

In 2003-2005, Rainer Bauböck was President of the Austrian Association of Political Science. In November 2006, he was awarded the Latsis Prize of the European Science Foundation for his work on immigration and social cohesion in modern societies.

In April 2013 Rainer Bauböck was elected corresponding member abroad of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

In October 2013 he was awarded a doctor honoris causa by Malmö University, Sweden.

From October 2012 till January 2016 Rainer Bauböck was Dean of Graduate Studies at the European University Institute.


Research interests: Normative Political Theory and Comparative Research on Democratic Citizenship, European Integration, Migration, Nationalism and Minority Rights

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New Publications: 

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