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Rainer Bauböck

Recent and Current Research Projects

GLOBALCIT: Together with co-directors Jo Shaw (University of Edinburgh) and Maarten Vink (University of Maastricht) Rainer Bauböck coordinates the Global Citizenship Observatory. This website offers the most comprehensive data base and research platform on citizenship and electoral rights around the world. The GLOBACIT observatory is hosted by the Global Governance Programme of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies. From 2017 it is the successor of the EUDO Citizenship Observatory that was focused on European states.

IMISCOE Research Network: IMISCOE is the largest academic network on migration research in Europe with institutional and individual membership. Rainer Bauböck is chair of the IMISCOE board of directors and an active member of the Standing Group on Migration, Citizenship and Political Participation (MIGCITPOL).

In 2018 Rainer Bauböck is participating in the following externally funded research projects:

FAIREU: Fostering Awareness, Inclusion and Recognition of EU mobile citizens’ Political Rights, funded by the EU Commission;

Academic Network to perform research services on issues pertaining to Citizenship of the Union rights and related policies.

Seminars, Workshops, Conferences

Conference: The Ethics of Migration Beyond the Immigrant-Host State Nexus, 11-12 January 2018

Seminar: Foundations in Citizenship Studies, Winter 2018

Seminar: Beyond Liberalism? Political Theories of Republicanism and Democracy, Autumn 2017 (together with Matthew Hoye) 

Workshop: Methods in Normative Political Theory, 11-12 May 2017

Seminar: Foundations in Citizenship Studies, Winter 2017

Seminar: Boundaries and Inclusion in Political Theory, Autumn 2016

Workshop: Justification in moral and political theory: reflective equilibrium and its discontents, 18-19 April 2016

Seminar: Local, National and Transnational Perspectives on Citizenship, and Migration (together with Anna Triandafyllidou), Autumn 2015 - Summer 2016

Conference: Exploring Challenges to Political Participation of Migrants in the OSCE Region, 18-19 June 2015

Seminar: Local, National and Transnational Perspectives on Citizenship, Migration, and Social Protection in Europe, 1800-present (with Laura Downs, HEC), Autumn 2014 - Summer 2015

Conference: Agon and Agorà: Politics and Political Community in the City, 12 June 2014

Workshop: Contemporary Issues in Migration, Voting, and Citizenship: Legal and Political Theory Perspectives, 25 April 2014

Seminar: Political and Social Theory of Boundaries: Citizenship, Territory, Ethnicity, Autumn 2013

Seminar:  Transnational Citizenship: Theories, Laws and Practicies, Winter 2013 (together with Claire Kilpatrick)

Workshop:  Representative Democracy in the 21st Century, 25-26 October 2012

Workshop: The Ethics of Immigration, 21-22 May 2012

Workshop: Linguistic Justice, 2 March 2012

Seminar: Cultural Diversity in Political Theory , Winter 2012

Seminar: Theories of Rights in International Relations and Liberal Democracy , Winter 2012 (with C. Reus-Smit)

Workshop: Expanding and restricting the franchise: How do liberal democracies determine who can vote?,  27 May 2011

Seminar: Migration in Political Theory , Winter 2011

Seminar:  Accomodation of Cultural Diversity in Liberal Societies: Law and Political Theory , Autumn 2010 (together with Ruth Rubio Martin (EUI Law Department)

Workshop: Global Justice and Migration: Normative prespectives and empirical trends , 23-24 April, 2010 

Seminar: Debating Citizenship: Historical and Contemporary Controversies about Membership, Rights and Self-Government , (together with M. Van Gelderen), Winter 2010

Workshop: How to study nationalism?  (together with Michael Keating), 25 November, 2009

Seminar: Nationalism in Theory and Practice  (together with Michael Keating), Autumn 2009

Seminar taught at Vienna University: Migration and Transnational citizenship , Autumn 2009

Workshop: Interrogating the Intersection between Race, Ethnicity, and Nationhood , 9 June, 2009, (co-organized with Jaime Lluch (Max Weber Visiting Fellow), and Ruth Rubio Martin (EUI Law Department)

Conference: Matching Context and Capacity: The Economic Integration of Immigrants , 11-12 June 2009

Seminar: Comparing Citizenship Regimes , Winter 2009

Seminar: Migration in Normative Political Theory , Autumn 2008

Workshop: Should and does race or ethnic orignin count in fighting discrimination?  11-12 June 2008

Conference: Diaspora and Transnationalism. Conceptual, Theoretical, and Methodological Challenges , 10-11 April 2008

Seminar: Research design and qualitative methods  (together with Donatella della Porta, Fritz Kratochwil and Pascal Vennesson), Winter 2008

Seminar: Towards a European identity  (together with Martin Kohli), Winter 2008

Seminar: Theories of Nationalism , Autumn 2007

Workshop: Political Transnationalism. Mobilizing and participating in different polities: Empirical Research Strategies and Normative Implications , 4-5 June, 2007 (co-organized with Virginie Guiraudon)

Workshop: The International Politics of Diversity , 23-24 May, 2007 (co-organized with Virginie Guiraudon)

Seminar: Theories of Citizenship: Problems of Membership and Political Boundaries  (Winter 2007)

Migration Working Group

From 2008 to summer 2012 Rainer Bauböck coordinated the Migration Working Group (MWG) at the EUI Robert Schuman Centre. Since October 2012 the MWG is coordinated by Anna Triandafyllidou. The MWG is a multidisciplinary working group open for researchers, fellows and faculty from all EUI departments and the wider Florentine academic community with an interest in migration related topics.

Recent Publications

Recent Commentaries: 

“Bürgerrechte statt Ausschluss”, Interview mit G. Piening, in: Die Macht der Migration, Unrast Verlag, Berlin, 2018, S. 69-76.

Wählen über Grenzen“, Kulturaustausch, Ausgabe I/2018.

Citizenship in Cloud Cuckoo Land?

Grab the horns of the dilemma and ride the bull

Bürgerrechte statt Ausschluss

There’s more to European citizenship than free movement

Das Ping-Pongspiel um den Doppelpass

Auf dem Weg nach Kleinbritannien

Brücken für die Diaspora

Ohne Demokratie keine Vielfalt in Europa

Wahlkampf im Ausland: Bitte keine falschen Argumente!

Freedom of Movement under Attack: Is It Worth Defending as the Core of EU Citizenship? 

The New Cleavage between Mobile and Immobile Europeans

Die Immobilen nicht der FPÖ überlassen! 

In Defence of Free Movement

Ius Filiationis: A Defence of Citizenship by Descent 

Whose bad guys are terrorists?



Recent Publications: 

Genuine links and useful passports: evaluating strategic uses of citizenship, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, online first 18 March 2018,  https://doi.org/10.1080/1369183X.2018.1440495.

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Costica Dumbrava and Rainer Bauböck: Blood and Belonging. The Future of Ius Sanguinis. EUDO CITIZENSHIP Working Paper November 2015.

From Moral Intuition to Political Change: On Joseph Carens’ Theory of Social Membership and Open Borders, Review Symposium on Joseph Carens: The Ethics of Immigration, Political Theory, volume 43, issue 3, June 2015: 393-401. DOI:10.1177/0090591715580072.

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Audrey Macklin and Rainer Baubock (eds): The Return of banishment: Do the new denationalisation policies weaken citizenship? EUDO CITIZENSHIP Working Paper February 2015, download from SSRN at http://ssrn.com/abstract=2563555.

Free download of my book on Diaspora and Transnationalism (co-edited with Thomas Faist) http://cadmus.eui.eu/handle/1814/14318.

External Affiliations

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