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Klarita Gërxhani

Seminars and Workshops 




Current supervisees

  • 2018 -              Supervisor of William Michael Foley; "Explaining the variation in protest and political change across                            Europe in response to austerity", EUI.                   
  • 2018 -              Supervisor of Arianna Gatta; "Formal and informal care among the European elderly: inequality and                          welfare state models", EUI.
  • 2018 -              Supervisor of Mohamed Nasr; "What determines intergroup cooperation after revolutions?                                          Observational and experimental evidence from the Arab Spring", EUI.
  • 2017 -              Supervisor of Amanda Haraldsson; “Media coverage and political ambition: The case of media                                    sexism as a determinant to women’s political underrepresentation”, EUI.
  • 2017 -              Supervisor of Jakob Bøggild Johannsen; “So much information, so little time. Examining the effects                            of the online media environment on political attitudes and participation”, EUI.
  • 2016 -              Supervisor of Mario Spiezio; “Understanding long-term unemployment: a tail of individual life                                      courses, searching behaviour, and differential treatment in the labour market”, EUI.
  • 2016 -              Supervisor of Roger Fernandez Urbano; “Individual Perceptions of Labour Market Opportunities                                and Subjective Wellbeing”, EUI.
  • 2016 -              Co-supervisor of Ezgi Guler; “Juggling between Income and Safety. Coping Strategies of Sex                                    WorkerTrans Women against Everyday Threats”, EUI.


Former supervisees

  • 2013-2018       Supervisor of Jacqueline van Breemen; “Agency and Structure:The Role of Individual Social Values                          and Material Interests in Changing Contribution Rules to, and Benefits from, a Collective                                            Good”, University of Amsterdam. Successfully completed on 22 May 2018 [Researcher at NOA-VU,                          Center for Psychological Advice and Research, Free University, Amsterdam]
  • 2011-2015       Supervisor of Martin Olsthoorn; “An analysis of the employer-side drivers of precarious employment                          arrangements”, University of Amsterdam. Successfully completed on October 9, 2015. [Researcher,                          The Netherlands Institute for Social Research]
  • 2012-2015       Supervisor of Marii Paskov; “Inequality and risk: Consequences for public support for collective                                  welfare arrangements”, University of Amsterdam. Successfully completed on January 29, 2015.                                  [Post-doctoral fellow, Oxford University]
  • 2010-2011       Supervisor of Maarten Berg, postdoctoral researcher on laboratory experiments in the project                                     ‘Solidarity in the 21st century’ funded by Stichting Instituut Gak, the Netherlands. [Assistant                                          professor, LeidenUniversity]
  • 2009-2013       Supervisor of Valentina di Stasio; “Variety of transitions–An institution- centered account of the role                            of educational credentials in influencing employers’ preferences over who gets the job”, University                              of Amsterdam. Successfully completed on January 23, 2014. [Assistant professor, Utrecht                                          University]
  • 2003-2004       Supervision of Marta Kahancova and Joost Bruinsma on EU project “European Industrial                                            Relations”, AIAS, University of Amsterdam.

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