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Anton Hemerijck

For prospective students

I supervise dissertations with a focus on explaining institutional change and structural reform for a comparative approach in the tradition of political institutionalism, based on mixes of qualitative and quantitative empirical data.

My previous supervisees’ research topics cover a broad array of social and economic policy making in both domestic and supranational policy making arenas, including social security, pensions, labour market policy, health, human capital, migration, work-life balance policies and social investment.

My current interests focus on

• the social investment in Europe and beyond

• the politics of inter-temporal policy choice;

• open institutionalism as corrective to prevailing determinist account of policy legacies, political institutions and their socioeconomic impact.

Seminars and workshops



  • AUMAITRE, Ariana "Overcoming the inescapable trade-off: the intergenerational contract at the crossroads"
  • BALLANTYNE, Steven "Economic Crises and Political Parties: What effects do economic crises have on party programmes? A comparative study of European political party programmatic responses to economic crisis"
  • BEGISHOLLI, Blerta "Trade Unions in the Western Balkans; a comparative analysis"
  • BORG, Maxime "Varieties of Digital-Platform Welfare and Capitalism in Europe: The social protection of crowd workers in the United Kingdom, France, and Sweden
  • CIGNA, Luca "Revivign solidarity: trade unions' preferences and role in reforming the welfare state
  • ERVIK, Jonas Huus: "Bridging the Divide: Partisan Business Cycles and Globalization"
  • FERNANDEZ SERRANO, Daniel "Explaining Social Investemtn policies in tiems of demographic ageing in Bismarckian welfare states
  • HUGUNEOT-NOEL, Robin "Welfare State Recalibration and Fiscal Governance under EU Integration - An open-institutionalism study of social investment reforms in EU countries  between 2000and 2017"
  • KONSTANTINAKOS, Odysseas "Politicization and depolitization of macroeconomic policy in Italy and Greece from 2014 to 2018"
  • KROPP, Selma "The EU's children's rights system: From preaching abroad to practising at home?"
  • MONGE NUNES Bernat Aritz: " The European Work Guarantee: An analysis of the expected effects and costs of an Employer of Last Resort policy for the Euro Area"
  • PORTAL Léo Jonas "A Case for a HIgh-Icome Trap"
  • RUSSO DOS SANTOS, Luis "Am overlooked medicine to a pressing disease? The impact of EU-funded social investment on political support for the EU in Southern Europe"
  • SCHMITZ, Luuk "From Industry 4.0 to EU 4.0? The Political Economy of the New EU Industrial Policy"
  • SOBOCINSKI, Maciej Mariusz: "Old responses to new challenges? Population ageing, social investment and the recalibration of family policy in Hungary and Poland"
  • VERMORKEN, Christiaan Emmanuel "A Comparative History of Party Finance: Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom"
  • WUKOVITS, Nora "The Fissured Workplace in Europe: Trends, developments and policy imlications"

Selected Publications


Important book publications include ‘A Dutch Miracle’ with Jelle Visser (Amsterdam University Press, 1997), ‘The Future of Social Europe’ with Maurizio Ferrera and Martin Rhodes (CELTA Press Lisbon, 2000), and ‘Why We Need a New Welfare State’ with Gøsta Esping-Andersen, Duncan Gallie and John Myles (Oxford University Press, 2002). His monograph is Changing Welfare States (Oxford University Press, 2013) received numerous positive reviews (see OUP website). His  edited volume The Uses of Social Investment has been published with OUP in the spring of 2017.



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